Eugeniusz Faber

Eugeniusz Faber ( born April 6, 1939 in Chorzów ) is a retired Polish footballer from Upper Silesia.

Life and career

Faber was born in 1939 in the Upper Silesian Chorzów ( German Chorzow ). With the professional football games began at Ruch Chorzów, where he rose from 1959 in the senior squad. In the same year he also belonged to the first squad of the Polish national football team, which he should belong to 1969. 1960 and 1968 Faber with Ruch Polish football champion. In 1971, after 284 league games in which he scored over 100 goals, he finally moved to France RC Lens. For his new club, he completed a total of 104 league games in which he came up with 44 goals. In the 1972/73 season he was with his club celebrate promotion to the first French league. Shortly before the end of his career he was with the RC Lens also in the finals of the Coupe de France 1974/75, which, however, was lost 2-0 against AS Saint- Étienne.