Yellow anaconda ( Eunectes notaeus )

The anacondas ( Eunectes ) are a snake genus of the family of Boaz. They live in many parts of South America.


The genus now comprises four types:

  • Large Anaconda ( Eunectes murinus )
  • Yellow anaconda ( Eunectes notaeus )
  • Beni anaconda ( Eunectes beniensis )
  • De Look Lake anaconda ( Eunectes deschauenseei )

Anacondas live semi -aquatic, that is, they are usually found in wetlands or streams and rivers. In Brazil, they are spread all over the country, where they occur (eg, São Paulo ) up to big city nearby. Their prey consists of rodents, birds, smaller turtles, capybaras and caimans up to medium size. Also a large proportion of their diet from fish make to armored catfish.