Euphorbia dendroides

Tree Spurge (Euphorbia dendroides )

The tree spurge (Euphorbia dendroides ) is a flowering plant in the genus Euphorbia (Euphorbia ) from the family of the spurge family ( Euphorbiaceae ).

The German and the botanical name describe the tree-like growth form of Art The typical for a tree but only sometimes formed.

Description and distribution

The Tree Spurge is reached a densely branched shrub or tree with hemispherical crown, the plant height up to 2 m. The most dichotomous branching further branches are weak succulent and woody soon. At their ends they carry lanceolate, to 6.5 × 0.8 cm long, sessile leaves that leave bald after her withering the branches covered with leaf scars.

The inflorescences are apparent clusters of five to eight rays, which usually once forked branch. The close below the cyathia standing, paired bracts are ovate, about 10 × 15 mm in size and of a yellow-green color. The ever four nectar glands of cyathia are almost circular and outer wear two short horns. They are initially yellow and turn red with time. The deeply lobed fruits springing the seeds are ovoid, to 3 mm long and have a caruncle.

The tree - spurge occur in the Mediterranean area from Spain to Italy and Croatia to Turkey and from Tunisia to Egypt before. It grows near the coast to altitudes 0-600 (in some cases up to 900 ) meters. The preferred locations of this type are in full sun, open areas, on rocky ground. Striking her in comparison to the accompanying vegetation reverse growth rhythm: In the spring, the end of flowering the leaves wither, which turn like all the green parts of the plant bright red. The rather dry summer spends the tree spurge in the leafless state drives in the fall and then re- grows mainly in the rainy winter. Main flowering period is the beginning of spring.


Because of the inverse growth rhythm and the great need of the light type their cultivation in Germany is limited. As a container plant, it should, as soon as the temperatures are above 10 ° C in spring, get an unprotected, sunny and warm as possible stand in the garden. In autumn, the plant has to move into a heated greenhouse where they (if weather permits ) should be in full sun again. Light frost will bear trend, but a healthy growth temperatures are above 10 ° C is necessary. Cultivation on window sill is not possible because the tree spurge vergeilt there and soon rots. In species-appropriate care Pests and diseases occur only very rarely.


Full leafy shrub in winter

Of developing inflorescence

Withering, bright red colored leaves in spring

Pictures of Euphorbia dendroides