Eurasian Plate

The Eurasian Plate is a major tectonic plates ( tectonic plate) of the earth. Your continental western part is called especially in connection with the formation of the Alps as well as the European plate. The Eurasian plate forms almost the entire Eurasian super continent, with the exception of the Indian subcontinent, to the Indian plate, and the Far East of Russia, is part of the North American plate. The continental plate also contributes Indonesia, the Philippines, the southern part of Japan and a part of Iceland. Consisting of oceanic crust western half is covered by the North Atlantic and large parts of the Arctic Ocean.

The Eurasian plate borders - from clockwise from the west - to the North American Plate, the Philippine Plate, the Australian Plate, the Indian Plate, the Arabian plate, the Anatolian plate, the Hellenic plate, the Apulian plate and the African plate. May exist in the transition zones to the large neighboring plates some other smaller plates ( microplates such as the Adriatic plate ); their existence has not yet been unequivocally ascertained.