Eure (river)

The Eure in high water

The Eure [œ ː ʀ ] is a river in north-western France. It rises in the Regional Natural Park of Perche, in La Lande -sur -Eure, at an altitude of 220 meters, where multiple source streams form the Eure. You drained in its upper reaches to the southeast, rotating at Chartres on the north and ends after 229 kilometers in Saint -Pierre- lès- Elbeuf as a left tributary of the Seine. In the estuary there is a so-called protracted mouth: although at Pont -de- l'Arche the Seine has already been reached, the Eure another six kilometers parallel to the Seine, to its final confluence. After your two departments are named, namely Eure and Eure- et- Loir.

By Crossed departments

  • Orne

In the Centre region

  • Eure- et- Loir

In the Haute -Normandie

  • Your
  • Seine- Maritime

Places on the river

(Sequence in the flow direction )

  • La Lande -sur -Eure
  • Courville -sur -Eure
  • Saint -Georges- sur -Eure
  • Chartres
  • Maintenon
  • Nogent -le- Roi
  • Dreux
  • Marcilly -sur -Eure
  • Ézy -sur -Eure
  • Ivry- la -Bataille
  • Pacy -sur -Eure
  • Louviers
  • Val -de- Reuil
  • Pont -de- l'Arche
  • Saint -Pierre- lès- Elbeuf