euro-scene Leipzig

The euro -scene Leipzig - Festival of contemporary European theater - was founded in 1991 and is held annually in November. She brings experimental theater and innovative dance from all over Europe to Leipzig and is one of the cultural highlights of the city. The euro -scene Leipzig is the only festival of contemporary theater and modern dance in the new federal states and is one of the most important of its kind in Europe.

The festival presents the latest developments in the European theater and dance scene and presented annually about 12 various guest appearances with a total of 25 performances in about 8 different venues. This includes the stages of drama and Leipzig Opera as well as the independent scene and unusual, newly discovered places. The duration is every 6 days (Tuesday to Sunday). The program design is in the hands of festival director Ann -Elisabeth Wolff.

The audience ranges from numerous students about the educated middle class to many public figures. In addition to the Leipzig group come more and more viewers from the environment, from other German cities and from abroad. The festival is also a regular meeting place for national and international colleagues.

Program selection

Important criteria for selection include: high level of professionalism, international quality, innovation, highly individual artistic style, courage for aesthetic experimentation. The euro -scene Leipzig explores new trends, supports time- related and social issues, is a hub between Western and Eastern Europe and exceeds genre boundaries. Above all, the performances are touching human, exciting, but also stir up, provoke thought and discussion.

Thereby the festival program consists of both " big names " - put together as well as from young to be discovered and promotional companies of the own artistic forces of the city are selectively involved in the international scene - already enforced directors and choreographers of international theater and dance scene.. one of the festival highlights the competition " best German Dance Solo" developed in the design of the Flemish choreographer Alain Platel significant from Ghent / Belgium. This competition takes biennially since 1997 on the legendary seven meters in diameter large round table instead.

The euro -scene Leipzig selects for several years each a slogan or theme to focus the guest performances and avoid becoming a " general store ". So the headlines denominated as " body searches " ( 2001), " Roots & Visions " (2002 ), "The Love - chance of the impossible" (2003), " The Private in the structure " (2004), " Elective Affinities " (2005), " consonances - dissonance " (2006), " divisions " (2007), " Stumbling on a smooth sea " (2008), "Eclipse " (2009), "Tracing " (2010), " Tonstörung " (2011) " autumn crocus " (2012 ) and "Black milk " ( 2013). A supporting program of talks, workshops and films the festival is completed.

Structure, team and budget

The euro -scene Leipzig is organized by the Saxon association for the promotion of cultural exchanges of national and international dance and theater groups eV. The team consists of three permanent staff ( manager and artistic director, assistant to the management, administration manager ) as well as time -related paid staff ( Technical Director, Press and Public Relations, Graphic Design ).

The festival is funded by the city of Leipzig and the Free State of Saxony. Added to gastspiel receives support from foundations and cultural country representatives, such as messages. After the contract with the perennial principal sponsor BMW plant in Leipzig in 2012, the expiry euro -scene Leipzig is looking for new partners, without whom the festival as of 2013 is facing a difficult situation and endanger its existence. Media partners are info tv leipzig and Friday, culture partners are MDR Figaro and ARTE.


The national and international contacts are extraordinarily diverse. The festival is since 1992 a member of the IETM ( International network for contemporary performing arts ), sitting Brussels, the main network for independent theater in Europe with around 450 members, and renders important public relations and representation for the city of Leipzig, the Free State of Saxony and the new federal states.

Furthermore, the euro -scene Leipzig is an active member of ITI (International Theatre Institute ) since 1994 - Center Federal Republic of Germany, Berlin.

The euro -scene Leipzig belongs since 2002 to the 10 co- organizers of the Dance Platform Germany ( with institutions in Berlin, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt / Main, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart), the most important festivals of innovative dance the Federal Republic of. The Dance Platform Germany is an event of international significance and is held every two years in a different city.

The Saxon association for the promotion of cultural exchanges of national and international dance and theater groups eV was caused commissioned by the great reputation of the euro -scene Leipzig, with the organization and execution of the Dance Platform Germany 2002. Under the direction of Ann -Elisabeth Wolff and co-direction by Michael Freundt, long-time employee of the euro -scene Leipzig, was the first time a dance platform in the new federal states instead. About 350 operators and journalists from around the world as well as 35 representatives of the Goethe- Institutes came from 06 - 10th February 2002 to Leipzig and experienced 24 choreographies in about 45 performances.

The Artistic Advisory Board

In 1995, an artistic advisory council was established, the changing belong to five internationally renowned experts in contemporary theater. The members practice advisory in nature and represent the festival at the international level. The Advisory Board consists of the following persons since 2011:

  • Carena Schlewitt, Director - Kaserne Basel
  • Tilmann Broszat, Artistic Director - Theatre Festival variety, Munich
  • Rolf Denne, author, director, actor and Artistic Director - Festival off limits, Dortmund
  • Thomas Hahn, Journalist, Paris
  • When Clement makers, coaching and culture consulting - Creative Coaching Berlin