Eurocypria Airlines

Larnaca airport, Paphos airport

Eurocypria was an airline owned by the Republic of Cyprus with base on the Larnaca airport.


Eurocypria was founded in 1990 as a subsidiary of Cyprus Airways to act as a holiday flight to Western Europe.

The flight service began in 1992 with two new aircraft type Airbus A320. So she was the first charter airline of Cyprus. One goal of the airline had since the connection from Europe and Cyprus on direct connections. In April 1993 and in March 2001, then an A320 were each still added to the fleet. To always be up to date, the fleet in 2003 was completely renewed. All machines were replaced and were from this time now Boeing 737-800.

In 2003, the airline carried 500 178 passengers.

The company was also involved in social, as were some flights rather than a charity event for Cypriot children.

During a restructuring measure Cyprus Airways sold the Eurocypria in June 2006 for 13,450,000.00 Cyprus pounds ( € 23.4 million) to Cypriot State. Thus, although both belonged airlines Cyprus, but since the sale they faced each other as competitors.

In November 2010 it was announced that the government would dissolve Eurocypria after the EU had a merger with Cyprus Airways not allowed and the state can not maintain two competing airlines. Already on November 4 Eurocypria has filed for bankruptcy. On November 13, the airline will not perform more flights.


Eurocypria launched from bases Larnaca and Paphos in Cyprus. During the winter months, they had two more bases in Crete and in Sharm el Sheikh. Eurocypria led by its own account by flights to and from over 70 airports in 20 countries. In Germany, among others, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Munich were served.


Before the air operation, the fleet consisted of Eurocypria with revised January 2010 of six aircraft:

  • 6 Boeing 737-800

The main feature of the fleet of Eurocypria was that each of the aircraft while the same logo on the vertical tail, the background color, however, is a different for each individual. In addition, the machines are named after the typical winds in Greek mythology:

  • " Euros" ( tail in green): indicates southeast wind
  • " Notos " ( tail in purple ): mean southerly winds
  • " Zephyros " ( tail in dark blue): means warm moist wind from the west in the spring
  • " Maistros " ( tail in gray): means Northwest Wind
  • " El Greco " ( tail in white): means North Wind