The Euro Night ( short name: EN, color in the German course book: Blue ) is a type of train for international night trains in Europe.


The first Euro Night trains were introduced in 1993 as a successor to the Euro City night. Perform air-conditioned car and sometimes a train restaurant; with all trains food and drinks are available from the sleeping and couchette coaches and breakfast is often included in the price. At the border control the passenger of sleeping and couchette cars are not awakened in most cases; for the purpose of border formalities, the identity papers are handed over to the sleeping car or couchette supervisors for cross -border train routings.

Equipment vehicles

Euro Night trains consist of sleeper, couchette car seat and the second class. In some pairs of trains also first-class carriage, dining car and / or luggage carts are added. Most Euro Night trains of the International Sleeping Car Company ( Compagnie Internationale des Wagons- Lits, in short: CIWL ) farmed. Other service companies are JLV, Wagon Slovakia and Utasellátó.

Train routes and destinations

The trains running from Germany Euro Night trains, amongst others to Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Russia, Denmark, Austria and Hungary. There is also this type of train in Romania and Switzerland.


In the German domestic traffic, the EN- trains to the IC / EC- price (product class B) are classified. In addition to ticket surcharges are to be solved in accordance with the comfort class ( seat, couch, bed). Partial output by individual railway companies and Global Prices (DB SparNight, ÖBB SparSchiene ).

Examples of € night train movements


The circulating since September 24, 2000 train pair EN 210 ( " Scandinavia - Night Express" Berlin- Malmö) and EN 211 ( "Berlin Night Express" Malmö - Berlin) is operated in the direction of private Georg Transport Organisation GmbH ( GVG ). This train was after the railway reform in 1994, the first commercially operated operated long-distance train in Germany. However, the trains Malmö - Berlin and Berlin- Malmö the full itinerary without further traffic stops, German domestic traffic is not used.