Europe 1

Europe 1 is a French-language radio station in the European radio and television -AG, which belongs to Groupe Lagardère. The program is distributed via long wave on the frequency 183 kHz by about Mr. Felsberg - vocation in Saarland and France also on VHF.


The station Europe 1 was founded during the French administration of the Saarland, to circumvent a ban on commercial broadcasting in France. The transmissions were initially not legally legitimized, however, were continued under German radio sovereignty in Saarland in 1957. In 1959, the French State to the broadcasting company, which is now managed by the Lagardère Group participated.

The programs were produced always in Paris. They are transmitted via radio lines in the Saarland Felsberg. First, two 200 kW longwave transmitter were available. 1976 two 1,000 kW transmitters were installed, which are operated with a total capacity of 2,000 kW.

Technical details

The main transmitting antenna points in the direction south-west, towards the east, the signal is attenuated, so that in Eastern Europe only a very weak signal of the transmitter is to be received. Is attenuated only the carrier frequency, the sidebands experience only a very low attenuation, so that in an easterly direction from the transmitter, the programs may be severely distorted.

The transmission frequency of 183 kHz is outside the usual long wave 9 kHz raster. This has the sense to avoid mutual interference with a transmitter in Oranienburg near Berlin, which now transmits the program of Germany radio culture to 177 kHz. In the course of the Geneva wave plan two transmitters (then transmitted over the Berlin station of the GDR radio ) assigned to the same frequency, which led to massive mutual interference. To solve these intolerable situation, both transmitters are now operated at a differential ( " frequency offset " ) of 3 kHz from the nominal frequency of 180 kHz.