European Association of Archaeologists

The European Association of Archaeologists ( European Association of Archaeologists ), short EAA, is a pan-European organization for professional archaeologists, founded in 1994. The Euro Europe gave the organization a consultative status in 1999.

The objectives of the EAA are under the statutes:

  • To promote the development of archaeological research and the exchange of information in European archeology.
  • The administration and the public presentation of the archaeological heritage in Europe to support.
  • Appropriate ethical and scientific standards to promote the archaeological work.
  • The interests of full-time archaeologists to represent in Europe.
  • To encourage cooperation with other organizations with similar aims.

In order to pursue its goals, the EAA publishes a magazine (European Journal of Archaeology ), sent twice a year a newsletter (The European Archaeologist ) and organizes conferences and seminars. The EAA organized the European Archaeological Heritage Prize (the price of the European archaeological heritage ). This is regularly awarded to individuals, institutions and local and regional governments for outstanding contributions to the preservation and presentation of European heritage.

Full membership is only professional archaeologists possible, others may apply for associate membership.