European Cup (athletics)

The Athletics European Cup was a European cup competition in the field of athletics. He was initiated by the Italian Bruno Zauli, President of the European Committee of the IAAF, why was originally known as Bruno - Zauli Cup competition. The European Cup in Stuttgart in 1965 ( men) and Kassel was wearing for the first time ( women).


Originally, every two years, then every three, then held every two years, each year was the Athletics European Cup since 1993 instead then.

He based the first twenty years on a qualification system, with qualified respectively top two nations of the three semi-finals for the finals (A- finals or Super League ).

Each nation was represented in any discipline with only a single athlete. Was interpreted according to a simple points system that took into account only the placement. The nation of the winner of a discipline each received an identical with the number of participants score, decreasing to the nation last placed with a dot.

In 1983 there was a restructuring, which bore the growing number of commitments of athletes invoice. For both the men's and women's competitions a Super League was established with eight members, including a first and a second division, each of which was divided into group A and B. Promotion and relegation places replaced the rise by previous semi-final and final rounds. This division existed until the end of the European Cup in 2008.

2009, a complete transformation of the once highly regarded, in recent years, but more and more fallen into the background activity was performed. The new track and field team championship, there is a super league with 12 teams, a first division with 12, a second league with eight and a third league with 14 teams. The table space calculated on the basis of 20 men's and 20 women's competitions as well, which accounts for separate Appreciation by gender.



Over time, more and more disciplines in the women were included in the program.