European Democracy

Democrats Europea (European democracy ) was a Christian democratic party in Italy, founded and led by former trade union leader Sergio D' Antoni ( previously Secretary General of the Confederation of Trade Unions CISL 1991-2000 ).

The party was officially founded on 11 February 2001, it was an eponymous Group in the Senate formed. Ten MPs have been a member of this group, including the senator for life and several former Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti and the former Minister Ortensio Zecchino.

At the 2001 parliamentary elections the party went to alone, not as part of one of the two major coalitions and Casa delle Libertà Ulivo. They won just two seats in the Senate and none in the Camera dei deputati.

The party was dissolved on December 6, 2002 at re; she went along with CCD and CDU in the newly established Christian Democrat UDC and thus became part of the governing coalition led by Silvio Berlusconi.

Sergio D' Antoni, however, was in 2004 a member of the belonging to the Ulivo La Margherita - Democrazia è Libertà. In October 2004, D' Antoni was elected at a by-election for the Ulivo in the Camera dei Deputati.

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