European Parliament election, 1989

  • COM: 42
  • Green: 30
  • SOC: 180
  • RBW: 13
  • LDR: 49
  • F'los: 12
  • EPP: 121
  • ED: 34
  • DFA: 20
  • DR: 17

The European elections in June 1989 was the third European election in the history of the European Community. Strongest faction in the European Parliament for the third time in a row, the Socialist Group.

Distribution of seats

Results in the individual countries


The Union parties (CDU / CSU) were strongest with a total of 37.8 % of the votes, but suffered towards the 1984 European elections ( 46.0 %) and the general election 1987 ( 44.3 %) significant losses. The SPD was the second largest with a few tenths of a percentage points behind the party and held her results from 1984 and 1987., The Greens were able to hold their own as well, while the FDP only just skipped the five percent hurdle. Big election winners were the right-wing Republicans who competed for the first time in a nationwide election. They got about 7 % of the votes and achieved the best at the federal level until today the result of a party the right of the CSU since the Federal Republic.