The Euro Tram is a modern tram from Bombardier Transportation. It was originally developed by ABB and the Italian company SOCIMI, after the bankruptcy of SOCIMI took over ABB alone production. With the merger of ABB with other companies in Adtranz again changed the manufacturer's name. After the acquisition of Adtranz by Bombardier Transportation selbige company took over the production and strung them together - with the structurally very different runners City - in the vehicle family Flexity Outlook a.

The Euro Tram is a low floor throughout the length and has a modern design. Large windows along the entire length and a flattened the cab with a single, large windscreen are more reminiscent of a high-speed train as a tram; thus corresponds to the Euro tram in the idea of ​​a "rolling sidewalk ."

Is used, the Euro tram in Strasbourg, Milan and Porto.

On the renaissance of the Strasbourg tram a vehicle with an individual design was developed by SOCIMI and ABB in cooperation with the urban transit CTS. In 1994, the new network was opened and since then Euro trams are used: First, a first series of 26 eight-axle vehicles, of which ten more were procured later. With the opening of two more lines in 2000 were again 17 euros Trams in a longer version zehnachsigen added. The vehicles were built by Adtranz due to the bankruptcy of SOCIMI ABB alone or later.

In operation, the vehicles tested, however, came the wide, one-piece doors with criticism because they take a long time to open and close and thus delay the exchange of passengers at bus stops.

2003, the municipal public transport company decided for reasons of cost, to order 35 trams of type Citadis Alstom. These were modeled on the EUR trams in design. They were needed for the further expansion of the network from 2007.


In September 1996, the Milan tram, Euro trams have been ordered by ATM Milano, operator. A total of 26 vehicles were of Adtranz in 1999 - delivered in 2002, which today go by Milan. The vehicles are different than the Strasbourg tracks vehicles and equipment have on driverless end of a flat rear wall. At a length of 34.1 m and a width of 2.47 m, they offer 68 seats and 124 standing room (with 4 people / m² ) and a space for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

Bombardier Transportation received 19 ADI Compasso d'Oro, an Italian award for industrial design for the design of the vehicles.


Currently there are 72 light rail cars from Bombardier on the Metro do Porto go. A vehicle can carry up to 215 people, multiple units are possible. Since the Euro Tram is a wholly owned low-floor light rail, even downtown tunnel has no high-level platforms. The line network consists of five lines (A to E) that run partially on the former, now converted narrow gauge railways in the CP.

2006 ordered the Metro do Porto as successor 30 vehicles of the type Flexity Swift.