The European cycle route network Euro Velo is a project of the European Cyclists' Federation ECF. Under Danish leadership cycle routes will be created with a length of over 70,000 kilometers. From the cycle network currently exists about a third, but in fact it is signposted just a fraction.

The Euro Velo- network consists of eight north-south roads, four east-west routes and two circular paths.


Mid-1990s did the idea of a Europe-wide network of bicycle lanes. Under the direction of the ECF, the Danish organization De Frie Fugle and the British charity Sustrans. Since August 2007, the ECF is solely responsible for the project. 2009, the European Parliament, the EU Commission to, to support the project Euro Velo and especially the bike path 13 (Iron Curtain Trail ). In December 2012, the Parliament, take the cycle route network in the TEN project decided.

Euro Velo routes

The following route description is the intended final extend Route dar. intersections with other Euro Velo routes are given in parentheses.