Eurovision (network)

The euro vision is founded in Geneva in 1954 establishment of the Union of the European Broadcasting Union (European Broadcasting Union, EBU ) for the exchange of television and radio programs.

Transfers within the euro vision will be with the Euro Vision logo and the main theme from the Prelude of the Te Deum by Marc -Antoine Charpentier ( vulgo " Euro Vision anthem ", " Eurovisionsfanfare ", " Europafanfare " ) was introduced as a signature tune. The first official euro vision mission was a transfer from the Daffodil Festival in Montreux on June 6, 1954. another early euro Vision mission was the 24 - hour race at Le Mans in 1955, in which it came with 80 deaths the worst motorsport disaster in history.

About the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) in Geneva has its own satellite channel is used to exchange images operated by News (EVN = Euro Vision News ). About this network provide the Euro Vision transmitter each other own material.

To a lesser extent, there was also a program exchange with the Intervision the former Eastern Bloc countries.

Known euro vision broadcasts

In German-speaking countries are among the most famous Euro Vision broadcasts:

  • Euro Vision Dance Contest (ORF ) 2007-2008 ( pauses for an indefinite period )
  • Euro Vision Song Contest (ARD / ORF / SRF) since 1956
  • Musikantenstadl (ORF / ARD / SRF) since 1981
  • New Year's Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (ORF / SRF) since 1959
  • Wetten, dass. ? ( ZDF / ORF; formerly SF) since 1981
  • Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel ( ZDF / ORF) since 2004
  • Crown of folk music (ARD / ORF) since 1998

Formerly broadcast as Euro Vision broadcasts:

  • Aktenzeichen XY ... unresolved ( ZDF) 1968-2003
  • Games without frontiers (RAI, WDR, ... ) from 1965 to 1999 (no longer produced )
  • Understand fun? (ARD)
  • One will win (ARD / ORF / SRG) 1964-1987 (no longer produced )
  • Rockpalast night (ARD) from 1977 to 1986 (no longer produced )
  • Grand Prix of Folk Music ( ZDF / ORF / SF / Rai Bolzano ) from 1986 to 2010 (no longer produced )

Furthermore, well-known programs that are transmitted as part of the Euro Vision, including:

  • Papal Easter blessing
  • Sporting events from other European countries