Eurovision Song Contest 2004

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The 49 Euro Vision Song Contest was held on 12 and 15 May 2004 Istanbul ( Turkey) under the motto Under the Same Sky (Eng. "Under the same sky " ) instead. It was the largest ever event in this competition; 36 countries participated. Were moderated shipments of Meltem Cumbul and Korhan Abay. Due to the large number of participants, which is beyond the time of each shipment, a qualifying round has been introduced. 22 countries joined on May 12 against each other. The ten best qualified for the finals on May 15. There they met the 14 countries that had qualified for the finals in the previous year already, among them Germany and Austria.

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The German participants was 12 points in the mission of Germany! named: It was Max Mutzke with Can not Wait Until Tonight, who finished in eighth place at the end. The representative of Austria Tie Break with You're were only 21, Switzerland had already eliminated with zero points from the semi-finals, singer Piero Esteriore settled the day after shave her head. The song Celebrate! should be the last to 2011 Swiss song, which was chosen by preliminary decision. Due to the continuing poor results even a complete withdrawal of Switzerland Grand Prix was talking.

Voting procedure

Since 2004, the points are determined in all countries by televoting. The vast majority of participating countries also participated in the past, viewers on the scoring. The ten songs with the most votes will receive 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 ​​and 1 point. If two countries have the same score, the country gets the higher position, which has been granted by most countries points. If this criterion is not decisive, is of these two countries, the country positioned with most 12 points higher, possibly with most 10 points and so on. Should, however, both countries are the same, so both countries have won.

In the scoring in the final, countries able to vote, are excreted in the qualifying round. So far, the votes of the countries were caught up in the boot sequence in the final. This is now by order according to ISO country code abbreviation.


In the semifinals, the 11 places were announced to 22 and one saw that Switzerland empty-handed. When viewing these places there was also an error because the voices from Croatia and Monaco have not been calculated correctly. However, the correct afterwards scoring did not affect the qualification of the 10 qualifying countries. The numbers 1 to 10, however, you do not betray, to avoid interference. Since 2005, all semi-final results remain secret until after the final.

The countries that did not qualify for the finals, also need to participate again in 2005 at the semi-finals.

Scores in semifinals

France, Poland and Russia did not vote because they had not transferred the semi-finals.


Before the finale were in betting shops and the German public in addition to the German candidate Max Mutzke the contributions of Ukraine and Greece acted as favorite. For the first time there was a direct duel between the songwriters Stefan Raab and Ralph Siegel ( as a producer, no text or melody comes this time from him) in the international finals. Ralph Siegel, represented in this competition for 30 years, reached the final round with Malta.

The winner and the countries highlighted in green were directly qualified for the final in the following year.

Scoring in the final

Marcel- Bezençon price

The first time the prize was awarded composers, which replaced the fan price. The winners of the Marcel- Bezençon Prize were:

  • Press Award for Best Song - Serbia and Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro - Lane moje ( Лане моје ) - Željko Joksimović & Ad Hoc Orchestra
  • Artist Award for the best performers - Ukraine Ukraine - Ruslana - Wild Dances
  • Composers Award for the best composition / Text - Cyprus Cyprus - Mike Konnaris ( m & t) - Stronger Every Minute - Lisa Andreas


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