Eurovision Young Dancers

The Euro Vision Young Dancers is a biennial taking place dance competition. The thirteenth edition was held in Gdansk, Poland on June 14. Ten countries participated. The competition is a solo dancer can participate in the ages of 16 and 21 years. A solo and a group dance is evaluated. The two best dancers perform in the finals against each other.



Host: Reggio Emilia in Italy, 11 participants, winners: Arantxa Argüelles from Spain


Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Finland and Yugoslavia participated in the first Euro Vision Young Dancers. Overall, the 14 countries. Was wearing the Contest in Schwetzingen, Germany. The Parisian pair won the 1st place.


The Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, UK, France, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Finland, Austria took part in the second contest. First participation: Cyprus and Portugal A total of 16 countries participated. Finland took the victory.


Italy, Spain, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Norway, Cyprus, Yugoslavia, Sweden, France and Germany took part again. First participation: Bulgaria and Belgium A total of 15 countries participated. Sweden took the victory


Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Germany and Austria took part again. First participation: Greece, Estonia and Slovenia A total of 16 countries took part as in 1989.


It was attended by 15 countries participate, first participation: Russia and Hungary.


First time, a preliminary decision has been introduced. From twelve countries came only seven finals. Semi-final places:

  • In the semi finals: Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, Hungary, Estonia
  • Victory: France
  • First participation: Latvia


Semi-final places:

  • Have participated 16 countries first participation: the Czech Republic.
  • The winner in the final of Germany. Place 2 and Place 3 Spain Sweden reached.


Although Germany had won the contest took place in England. Semi-final places:

In the finals it came to the following top 3 results:


The 10th Euro Vision Young Dancers was held in Amsterdam on 4 July 2003. 10 countries took part: Greece, Ukraine, Netherlands, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Switzerland and Finland. It won Jerlin Ndudi from Ukraine ( Classical), Kristina Oom & Sebastian Michanek from Sweden (Modern) and Monika Hejduková & Viktor Konvalinka from the Czech Republic ( Youth Jury's choice).


The 11th Euro Vision Young Dancers was held in Warsaw on 24 June 2005. 10 countries participated: the United Kingdom, Sweden, Greece, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Romania, Latvia and the Czech Republic. It won Milou Nuyens from the Netherlands, were second Elena Karpuhina & Wylot Michał from Poland, third Marjorie Lenain from Belgium.

2007, 2009

In these years no contest took place.


The 12th Euro Vision Young Dancers was held in Oslo on June 24, 2011. The semi-final was abolished. 10 countries participated: Sweden, Croatia, Germany, Norway, Kosovo, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Portugal and Greece. The winner was Daniel Sarr from Norway, second was Petra Zupancic of Slovenia.


The 13th contest was held in Gdansk on 14 June 2013. 10 countries participated: Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Poland, Ukraine, Slovenia, Netherlands, Sweden, Armenia and Belarus. No longer participated Greece, Kosovo, Croatia and Portugal. New additions were Armenia and Belarus, the Czech Republic and Ukraine returned. The winner is Sedrig Verwoert from the Netherlands, the second was Felix Berning from Germany. The first-placed won Euro 7000, the second 3000 euros. The show was moderated by Tomasz Kammel. The BalletBoyz (Michael Nunn & William Trevitt ) choreographed group dances and moderated in the backstage area. In Germany, the show was shown on July 7, 2013 WDR.