Eutingen im Gäu

Eutingen in Gaeu is the easternmost municipality of the district of Freudenstadt in Baden -Württemberg and heard the metropolitan region of Stuttgart. It is located about 45 km southwest of Stuttgart and about 25 kilometers east of Freudenstadt.

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Geographical location

The municipality Eutin gene lies mostly on the Gäuhochebene immediately north of the upper Neckar valley. The eponymous village is located about two and a half kilometers north of the Neckar and at 450 m above sea level. NN on elongated right slope of the still shallow depression of the emerging on the plateau Eutinger Talbachs. Ü In the municipality to about 591 m. NN height reached - the highest point is at the western tip of the municipal area in the forest area Withau against Freudenstadt- Talheim, near a water tank beyond - while the lowest point of the municipality in whose district the southeast at about 368 m above sea level. NN is where the Neckar in its current east Trogtal she leaves. Above the station Eyach is a piece right opposite slope of the Neckar Valley and about one kilometer of the lowest Eyachlaufes to the mouth still on Eutinger area.

The territory drained predominantly to the south to the river Neckar, in large part over the said village stream, the much lower two small blades streams. Parts of the north and east are also within the catchment area of the rare creek, which further reached the upper Neckar something dale.

Community structure

The community Eutingen in Gaeu consists of four districts Eutingen, Eutingen - Göttelfingen, Eutingen tube village and Eutingen - Weitingen, they are spatially identical to the previous, until the 1970s, independent municipalities same simple name. In the community Eutingen in Gaeu the loggerhead part of local election applies, the districts accordingly form at the same time residential districts within the meaning of Baden-Württemberg municipal code. With the exception of the district Eutingen villages are established in terms of the Baden-Württemberg municipal code, each with its own mayor and Ortschaftsrat as its chairman in the districts. In the villages of so-called " village administrations " with the tasks of an office of the Mayor's Office are set up.

The hamlet Eutingen include the village Eutingen, the homestead Upper Eutinger Talhof and the houses the old train station, railway station and village high brick hut. The hamlet Eutingen - Göttelfingen heard the village Göttelfingen. The hamlet Eutingen tube village include the village tube village and place station Eutingen. The hamlet Eutingen - Weitingen include the village Weitingen and the houses Eyach and wide Inger mill.

In the district Eutingen lie the ruins of the castle and in the district Eutingertal Eutingen - Weitingen lie the ruins of the castle Urnburg.

Neighboring communities

Eutingen bordered on the southwest by the city Horb am Neckar, which is located in Freudenstadt district also. In the northwest, the municipal boundary of the city in the district of Calw Nagold runs, in the north- east to the city of Rottenburg am Neckar, in the southeast of the municipality Star Zach, both in the district of Tübingen.


By 1805, part of Vorderösterreich in the Habsburg possessions, came Eutingen and Gaeu by Napoleon to Württemberg. Eutingen and eingemeindeten districts belonged since 1938 to the district Horb, with whom she aufgingen in 1973 in the district of Freudenstadt. The suffix in Gaeu carries the community since 19 November 1971.


On 1 July 1971 Göttelfingen and Rohrsdorf were incorporated to Eutingen. On January 1, 1975, meeting within the Eutingen Gaeu and Weitingen the new community Eutingen in Gaeu.

Coat of arms of several incorporated municipalities:

Population Development


Parish council

The municipal election held on 7 June 2009 yielded the following distribution of seats:

The council consists of the elected honorary councilors and the mayor as chairman. The mayor is entitled to vote in the local council.

Coat of arms

Blazon: In split- top shield in silver three-bladed green branch, below in red a floating naked silver Rechtsarm.

Economy and infrastructure


The Federal Highway 14 runs right through Eutingen and separates the city into two parts. For years trying to find a solution to the location of the daily 12,000 - to relieve 15,000 vehicles, but so far still no result in sight. The so-called Gäutrasse ( Federal Road 28 new between Freudenstadt and Ergenzingen ) - so the bypasses of Bildechingen and Eutingen i Gaeu - has been deleted without replacement from the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan in the updating of the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2003/ 04.

The Eutingen station in Gaeu is located on the plateau east of the main village on the Gäubahn Stuttgart-Singen and is the starting point of the historic built as Gäubahn Eutingen - Freudenstadt today Gäubahnzweigstrecke and location of a substation. The community is connected to the regional transport in the direction of Stuttgart, Rottweil and Freudenstadt every hour.

West of the village Eutingen also is the high railway station ( b. Horb ) at a range of bifurcation hours hourly with trains towards Freudenstadt and Eutingen and mostly towards Pforzheim and Tübingen. Two runs hourly regional train to Stuttgart, which also stops at Eutinger station.

On the southern border district of the municipality lies in the valley of Eyach station on the Upper Neckar Railway, which branches off into Eyachtal inside of this rail line Eyach Hechingen. The railway line was abandoned in 1973 for the scheduled passenger and served until 2009 mainly to freight. Since 2009, continues with the Eyachtäler again vertakteter passenger of Hohenzollern State Railways ( HzL ) over the distance Eyach Haigerloch - Hechingen. It is tourist trains from railcars which operate on weekends in the summer. Starting point of these trains is Tübingen. In Hechingen station the coupled railcars are separated with different objectives. The plans for a basic interval traffic require large-scale considerations ..

Educational institutions

Eutingen has a primary and secondary school with Werkrealschule, which has a primary school branch in the district Weitingen. In the overall community, there are also three communal and two Roman Catholic kindergartens, with a community and a church kindergarten in the main town Eutingen is even.

Parcel center

Eutingen location is one of 33 parcel centers of Deutsche Post AG. Along with the package center Koengen it serves the metropolitan region of Stuttgart.

Sons and daughters of the town