Evan Taubenfeld

Evan David Taubenfeld (born 27 June 1983 Baltimore, Maryland ) is an American musician. He played inter alia as a guitarist for Avril Lavigne.

Since his departure from Avril's band in 2004 he is working on a separate album with his new band The Black List Club. Several times the release of the album was postponed. It was released on 18 May 2010. On the album exclusively written and sung by Evan songs will be heard. In addition, he plays like Avril Lavigne's already on albums Let Go and Under My Skin, guitar. Despite his exit in Avril Lavigne, the two collaborated on and co-wrote four of the songs from their album The Best Damn Thing. Even with Avril's new album "Goodbye Lullaby" Evan has been involved in many songs.


Evan David Taubenfeld is the eldest son of Ami and Mark Taubenfeld. He has a younger brother, Drew ( born 1985), and a younger sister, Amy ( born 1991). Evan lived during his time as Avril's guitarist in his parents' house in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Meanwhile, however, he lives in Los Angeles, where he can devote his band The Black List Club. In addition, his record label Sire Records, and the accompanying parent company Warner Brothers, where their headquarters.


Evan played in the following bands:

  • The Suburbanites (drums)
  • Spin Fire (guitar, singer, songwriter )
  • Band of Avril Lavigne (guitar, backup vocals, co-writer )
  • Ditch Ruxton (guitar, singer, songwriter )
  • The Black List Club ( singer, guitarist, songwriter )