Evening Shade

  • Burt Reynolds: Wood Newton
  • Marilu Henner: Ava Newton
  • Hal Holbrook: Evan Evans
  • Ossie Davis: Ponder Blue
  • Charles Durning: Harlan Elldridge
  • Michael Jeter: Herman Stiles
  • Ann Wedgeworth: Merleen Elldridge
  • Jay R. Ferguson: Taylor Newton
  • Jacob Parker: Will Newton
  • Candace Hutson: Molly Newton (seasons 2-4)
  • Melissa Reneé Martin: Molly Newton ( Season 1 )
  • Elizabeth Ashley: Frieda Evans
  • Linda Gehringer: Fontana Beausoleil

Daddy gives us all (Original Title: Evening Shade ) is an American sitcom with 100 episodes, the Original Air ran from 1990 to 1994 on CBS. Was developed the series by Linda Bloodworth- Thomason. The main role as a former pro football player who should exercise a high school team, plays Burt Reynolds, who won an Emmy for his performance in 1991 and 1992 a Golden Globe. In Germany, the series ran in 1992 on Tele 5, then from 1996 to 1999 on RTL 2

Plot and the characters

Wood Newton is the former star players of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now he returns with his wife, the lawyer Ava and three children Taylor, Molly and Will in his hometown of Evening Shade back in Arkansas, there to take over the unsuccessful high- school football team as a coach. You pull into the home of Woods father Evan Evans, editor of the daily newspaper Evening Shade Argus, who later married the stripper Fontana Beausoleil. As an assistant coach Wood is the mathematics teacher Herman Stiles aside. Other figures are Evans sister Frieda, The doctor Harlan Elldridge, his wife Merleen and the restaurant owner Ponder Blue.


The sitcom Daddy creates us all is a joint production of Mozark Productions, the company of Linda Bloodworth- Thomason and her husband; MTM Enterprises and Burt Reynolds Productions. Location was Los Angeles.


Daddy creates us all, 100 episodes in four seasons. The first episode ran on 21 September 1990 on CBS, the last on May 23, 1994. Beamed Tele 5 in Germany from January to December 1992, the first 49 episodes of the series from, then the transmission has ceased operations. RTL 2 took over the series in July 1996 and beamed to 1999, all 100 episodes from.