Evergreen International Airlines

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Evergreen International Airlines is an American cargo airline based in McMinnville, Oregon.


Evergreen was founded in 1960 by Delford Smith (founder and owner ) as Evergreen Helicopters. Following the acquisition of flight certificates of Johnson Flying Service, the company was renamed Evergreen International Airlines. Evergreen is located in the sole possession of the holding company founded in 1979 Evergreen International Aviation. In addition, Besa and operational Evergreen Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, whose main attraction is the flying boat Spruce Goose.

In November 2013 it was announced that the company has economic problems. However, the operation is to be continued, contrary to other press reports. On 31 December 2013, the indebted company applied for Chapter 7 bankruptcy after creditors had called a court. Chapter 7 provides for liquidation of the company.


Evergreen flies seven continents with a focus on U.S., Europe, China and the Middle East in all. Evergreen was a partner of aviation freight forwarders, but also flew single cargo charter flights. The company also flies for the U.S. military as well as for the United States Postal Service. Domestic flights to Anchorage led, inter alia, New York and Chicago, objectives of international scheduled flights were for example Nagoya, Hong Kong and Shanghai.


As of July 2013, the fleet of the Evergreen International Airlines consists of three planes:

  • 3 Boeing 747- 400F

The airline operates with the Evergreen supertankers - a converted Boeing 747- 132SF or one - unit 273C - two aircraft, each of which has a water capacity of 91 m³ and thus three times as much as the largest ever used to fight fires, a correspondingly converted DC-10.

Evergreen also assumed temporarily the transport of aircraft components, which are flown for the new Boeing 787 from around the world in the United States. For this, the company uses specially developed for the transport of aircraft parts Boeing 747- 400LCF Dream lifter, but are operated since September 2010 by Atlas Air for Boeing.