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Everland Resort is a South Korean amusement park, which was last visited by around 6.9 million people every year.

In addition to the theme park, Everland also offers a water park called Caribbean Bay and a zoo.

Parking structure

The park is divided into a total of five topics. The Global Fair are, similar to Disney's Main Street, several shops and restaurants. In the subject area European Adventure attractions and shops are decorated in European style. In addition, early in their areas American Adventure and Magic Land.

In the area of ​​Zoo - Topia are the animals of the park. Since April 20, 2013, there are additionally the topic of Lost Valley. Visitors here go with the Amphibious Vehicle on safari.


Roller coasters

In addition to a variety of other attractions, you'll find a total of five roller coasters in the park, of which T Express is the first wooden roller coaster in South Korea at all and steepest wooden roller coaster in the world is probably the best known.

Other attractions

To mention also is the 33 -meter-high swinging ship Columbus Adventures, which is found in the subject area American Adventure, and the rapids ride Amazon Express (Zoo - Topia ).