Everybody Hates Chris

Everybody Hates Chris (Original Title: Everybody Hates Chris ) is an American comedy series that started on UPN on September 22, 2005. It originated from an idea of ​​Chris Rock, who tells the series his own childhood experiences. Following the merger of UPN with The WB, the series ran from 2006 to the channel The CW. The title is a parody of the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. The series was canceled on 21 May 2009.


The series is set in Brooklyn in the early 1980s and treated ironically topics such as prejudice caused by racism, which are considered outsiders and also the ruling in some New York neighborhoods poverty. As the son of an African-American family, the main character Chris has to cope with everyday life. He is constantly bullied by his younger, scheming sister Tonya and burdened by his mother Rochelle with obligations. Rochelle is distinguished by its pride, which runs as a running gag through the series: So she announces especially in the beginning of the first season in almost every episode because of trifles their work on the grounds that it did not rely on it because her husband 'm working two jobs. Her husband Julius is therefore often very exhausted. The family has a low income, so Chris must apply the old clothes of his younger, but physically bigger brother Drew. Therefore, and because Chris is initially the only black person at his school, he is often a victim of school racket Caruso and other rowdies at his school. His school life is also marked by unjust teachers and his best friend Greg is his only.


Chris Rock

The protagonist of the series is an ambitious, innocent, normal, but often persecuted by bad luck boy. Chris lives in Bedford -Stuyvesant, a neighborhood in Brooklyn. He has an older brother and a younger sister. He would love to be a cool and popular boy, what he does not succeed. He does everything to once have a successful life. At school he is bullied and beaten by his classmates (among other things because of his clothing and skin color). In addition, the life he is also made by his racist teachers to hell. At home he has of his mother do specified tasks and by his sister, he is often blackmailed. So one might think that the people in his environment " hate " him.

Rochelle Skirt

She is the mother of Chris and his siblings. She is not intimidated and can be quickly hysterical and aggressive. It changes due to conflicts with their superiors constantly their job. In connection with the termination she always says: " I have not needed! My husband has two jobs! ". She is also able to threaten their family members. Despite everything, she is a good and caring mother to her children.

Julius skirt

He is the father of the family. Because of the financial problems it is very economical with a tendency to covetousness. He often brings home used stuff to save money. If it matters, but he also realizes that you can not put a price for everything. His character is calm and balanced, as long as no money is mentioned. Julius is characterized by the fact that he always knows the exact price of everyday objects. This skill will always be things like: put "I hope you know that you've just thrown away a loaf of bread worth 31 cents? " For show.

When it comes to the children he stands his wife rarely to the side.

Drew skirt

He is the younger brother of Chris. In contrast to Chris, he is very popular; even with the girls. His discarded clothes must often be applied by Chris as Drew is built much larger and stronger than the lanky Chris.

Tonya skirt

She is the younger sister of Chris and Drew. Often there are disputes between her and her brothers, because she is always trying to bring their brothers in trouble. Often they blackmailed or Chris Drew, by not ratted fee with their parents. She is the spoiled favorite child of Julius.

Greg Wuliger

He is the only one to even white friend of Chris. He gladly gives him advice and Chris helps him in return when he has problems. Greg but often has anxiety and is unable to help Chris with his problems. Greg is quite shy and dare not usually open to approach girls.

Joey Caruso

Joey is one of the many thugs to Chris ' school. He is the most respected thug at Corleone Junior High School. Chris has to endure day after day teasing and even blows from Joey. Joey grew up in a racist family and is very aggressive towards other people of color. It is called from the other mostly " Caruso ". When Chris comes into the Tattaglia High School, he thinks he's gotten rid of Joey; However, Caruso is also on this school and makes Chris make life difficult for. Joey appeared in the series usually suddenly and missed Chris and / or Greg a punch or kick. He often offended him / her with racist slogans. For example, he calls Chris often " Satchmo ". In the last episode he admits that he has Chris bullied out of envy to its ambition, and offers him the friendship

Miss Morello

Miss Morello is the Klassenleherin by Chris, Greg and Joey. It is the perfect embodiment of all existing prejudices against blacks and regularly makes such statements as: ". I hope you still have enough time to do your homework if you need to take care of your many half-brothers and half-sisters " Even so, it is a prime example of a white woman this time, the Chris but really like very much, like all well-built male African- Americans.


  • The schools in the series are all named after the Godfather mafia families from the movie. For example, Chris' is the first school in the series, the Corleone Junior High School and the subsequent the Tattaglia High School. In addition, it is mentioned in an episode that Barzini high school was blown up.
  • In the first episode of the television series Chris hates his shoes can be seen on Julius ' uniform logo of a Overlook Hotel, which is a reference to the novel The Shining by Stephen King.
  • In Season 4 Episode 3 ( Chris hates the homecoming ball ), there is a parody of the Cosby Show.
  • The end of the last episode ( episode 88: Chris hates the tenth grade ) is an allusion to the end of the last episode of The Sopranos ( The Sopranos hit back ).
  • Chris Rock even had a cameo as Chris' guidance counselor.


2006 Golden Globe Awards

  • Nomination for Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy

2006 NAACP Image Awards

  • Best Actress in a Comedy Series - Tichina Arnold
  • Best Comedy Series
  • Nomination for Best Actor in a Comedy Series - Tyler James Williams
  • Nomination as Best Director in a Comedy Series - Ken Whittingham
  • Nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series - Terry Crews

2006 Writers Guild of America Award

  • Nomination for Best New TV Series - Aron Abrams, Rodney Barnes, Chris Rock