Evren (Ankara)

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Evren is a town and a district in the Turkish province of Ankara. By 1982, the city Çıkınağıl said.


The county Evren has 4,513 inhabitants ( 2008). Of live 2980 inhabitants in the city Evren and 1,533 inhabitants in the villages. Of the 4,513 inhabitants, 2,260 are women and 2,253 men.


Evren is the Hirfanli Baraji ( Hirfanli Reservoir ) and is 178 km from Ankara. The district is bordered to the north and to the west by the county Sereflikochisar, on the east by the Hirfanli Baraji and on the south by the province of Aksaray.


To Evren has nine villages

  • Altinbasak
  • Cebirli
  • Catalpinar
  • Demirayak
  • İbrahimbeyli
  • İnebeyli
  • Solakkuşağı
  • Torunobası
  • Yusufuşağı


The majority of the population is engaged in agriculture.


The old name of the district was Çıkınağıl, it was renamed in 1982 after the then incumbent president Kenan Evren to Evren. Çıkınağıl belonged to Sereflikochisar and in 1963 to the village. 1957 was Çıkınağıl elsewhere. After the construction of the dam Hirfanli the city sank into the reservoir and therefore had to be relocated. 1990, Evren of Sereflikochisar separated and was nine villages themselves to a county.