Ewa Demarczyk

Ewa Demarczyk ( born January 16, 1941 in Kraków ) is a Polish musician and actress.


Ewa Demarczyk is a trained actress and pianist. She became famous in the 1960s by their expressive text interpretations of their songs, and has since been one of Poland's legendary figures of the cultural scene. Always occurs in a black dress, which earned her the nickname Black Angel or Black lady of Polish songs.

During the drama studies at the State Drama School in Cracow, she performed already in the student theater Cyrulik and came about in 1962 in the legendary Krakow cabaret cellar Piwnica pod Baranami where their collaboration with the composer Zygmunt Konieczny began, who composed their most famous songs. Abroad, it has enjoyed success at the Paris Olympia, in Geneva at the 20th anniversary of the UN as well as in Sweden and Belgium. Also in New York's Carnegie Hall, she performed. In 1972, she finished then completely surprising her career and since then occurs only very rarely.