Ewa stands for:

  • Ewa district, as part of the constituency Anetan district on the Pacific island of Nauru in the northern part of the island
  • Energy and water supply Altenburg, public utilities of the city of Altenburg in Thuringia
  • Ewa (Hawaii), town on the island of Oahu, see List of cities in Hawaii
  • Ewa ( right ), as a legal word that belongs to the Grundbgriffen early medieval legal terminology and is already used in the lay-up before barbarorum.
  • Ewa ( first name ), Polish and Swedish first name for Eva
  • Ewa- yard, a former shipyard in Überlingen (Lake Constance)
  • Research reactor Ewa, was the first research reactor in Poland and was in the Institute of Atomic Energy ( Instytut Energii Atomowej ) in Otwocker district Świerk

EWA is an abbreviation for:

  • Kk priv - Vienna Railway Aspangbahn, former name of Aspangbahn in Lower Austria
  • European Water Association, based in Hennef (Sieg)
  • European Wrestling Association, Austrian Wrestling League, based in Vienna
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