Ewe language

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Ewe ( proper name Eʋegbe, French EWE ) is one of the Kwa languages ​​and is in the south of Ghana ( in the regions of Greater Accra and the south of the Volta Region ) and in southern Togo by approximately three million people by the people of the Ewe ( 1991 census ) spoken.

The language of the Ewe part of the dialect continuum of the Gbe - languages ​​within the language family of the Niger - Congo languages ​​, which are spoken from eastern Ghana to western Nigeria.

Different names for Ewe: Even yew, EBRD, Eve, Efe, Eue, Vhe, Gbe, Krebi, Krebe or Pope called.

The Ewe ( Gbe ) are available in different dialects, especially mentioned are the Fon and the Anlo.

Writing system

The written language was introduced by German colonialists in the early 20th century. Ewe uses the following variant of the Latin alphabet with some extra letters and is part of the Africa alphabet.

A tilde ( ~ ) is placed over vowels to indicate nasality. The pitch is not marked in general, except in some cases where the pitch, it is necessary to distinguish the important supporting words. Mí For example, in the first person plural pronoun (we ), which is labeled as a high tone to it, so to distinguish them from the second person plural mi " her ".

  • Ekpɔ where [ ɛkp͡ɔ wɔ ] - ' he saw you '
  • Ekpɔ where [ ɛkp͡ɔ wɔ ] - ' he saw them ( plural)