Ewelina Hańska

Ewelina Hanska ( born January 6, 1801 in Pohrebyschtsche, † April 10, 1882 in Paris), born as Eveline Rzewuska, was a Ukrainian noblewoman who is known for her relationship with Honoré de Balzac.

Eveline Hanska had married young to about twenty years older Russian-Polish Baron Wenceslaw of Hanski. In the late 1820s she began to read the novels of Balzac. On February 26, 1832 Balzac received an anonymous letter from Hanska - signed " L' Etrangère " ( The Unknown ) - which represented the beginning of a decades-long correspondence.

In September 1833, came in the Swiss Neuchatel to a first encounter between Hanska and Balzac, in December another meeting in Geneva and again in 1835 in Vienna. After the death of Count Hanska 1841 Hanska Balzac held out with the objective of his marriage several years; this only took place on March 14, 1850 during a visit of the already seriously ill Balzac in Berdiczew, in Ukraine. The couple drove in April 1850 returned to Paris, where Balzac died on August 18, 1850. After his death, Eveline Hanska Balzac managed estate. In her last 30 years of life Hanska was romantically involved with the French painter Jean -François Gigoux. She died on 11 April 1882 in Paris.