Ex is an abbreviation or acronym for

  • Exitus, medical term for death
  • Exodus, the second book of Moses
  • Explosion ( eg, explosion proof, also explosion proof ), see the warning signs shown in explosion protection; see the logo of ATEX
  • Express train
  • Extemporale, an impromptu task

And Ex ( with dot ) as an abbreviation for

  • Copy

Ex is also

  • A Casual short word meaning "the former ( r) ' at personal relationships, it is short for ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, ex-wife, etc.
  • The prefix ex-, which expresses before nouns that someone no longer has an earlier function, such as ex-minister, ex-wife


Movie Title:

  • Ex ( movie 1995), German television film
  • Ex ( film), Italian Comedy (2009)
  • Ex! What aroused the nation, SWR documentary series (1996-1998), hosted by Dieter Moor

Artist Name:

  • Luc Ex ( actually Luc Klaasen; born 1958 ), Dutch musician

Is ex

  • A mostly Casual synonym for " from ", " close", "empty", " exhausted " or " dead " (Latin ex "off")
  • The prefix ex - (main meaning " from ", " out " ) in foreign words (eg, extract, export) from the Latin, see ex in the list of Latin prefixes
  • From Greek (eg exegesis ), see ek -, ​​ex - in the list of Greek prefixes

EX as an abbreviation

  • Distinguishing signs on license plate: UK: Chelmsford
  • Norway: Finnsnes in the province of Troms
  • Sweden: diplomatic plates for Cape Verde

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