EXA is a system for graphics acceleration for the X.Org server, which is to replace XAA ( XFree86 Acceleration Architecture ).


The presented at LinuxTag 2005 system was first released by the X.Org server version 6.9/7.0. The main focus of development was on a better support the XRender extension and adaptation of a simple way by the graphics driver. This caused, inter alia, also ensures that contained the first version of the X server, which brought EXA, many drivers that supported EXA.

EXA is seen as an interim step until the X - server graphics acceleration can be completely done by OpenGL. Since XAA many - especially by XRender used - 2D acceleration unsupported EXA provides here and in most current 2D applications for a significant speed-up. These two points ( XRender support and an easy -held design ) were highlighted in the announcement of the project on the mailing list.

EXA itself is an adaptation of KAA ( kdrive Acceleration Architecture ) from the experimental Freedesktop.org X server.


The X.Org Glossary leads EXA as " Acceleration architecture with no well -defined acronym ". The documentation calls for EXA following statement " EXcellent Architecture or Ex - kaa aXeleration Architecture or whatever ."