Excelsior AC Roubaix

The Excelsior Athletic Club de Roubaix ( EAC short ) was a French football club based in Roubaix, a town in the French department of Nord, located directly on the border with Belgium.

It was founded in 1928 by the merger of FC Roubaix and Tourcoing Excelsior Club ( Tourcoing is immediately adjacent to Roubaix ). Under the name of EAC, he played 1928-1945 and 1970-1977. The club colors were black and white; league team played in the 1927 newly built Stade Amédée - Prouvost, from about 1980 in the famous velodrome ( Parc des Sports ) Roubaix, the last years at the Stade Dubrule - Verriest.


The Rapid Rise ...

Excelsior enjoyed from the beginning the support of two companies in the coal region, so as to attract such well-known players, especially from abroad, found their way to Roubaix and the " upstart " to a serious opponent for the " top dogs " Racing Club Roubaix are left. Thus, only the EAC in 1932 introduced top professional league ( Division 1) was added, and in the same season the young club succeeded immediately the catchment in the French Cup final. The final opponent was ... RC Roubaix, who had failed in the previous year just barely in the final. Half- Roubaix made ​​his way to Paris to pursue this local derby; at the end Excelsior had finally taken over 3-1 ahead and then the footballing supremacy in the city. This continued until the German occupation of France; in the D1 but tore it from any trees and never landed earlier than 5th place

And abrupt end ...

After the liberation of the country were issues other than the sporting rivalry on the political agenda. Therefore, the association peaks of Excelsior AC, Racing Club Roubaix, Tourcoing U.S. and U.S. Roubaix decided a concentration of football forces and formed in 1945 together the giants Olympique Club Roubaix - Tourcoing ( CORT ), the 1947 French champion surprising. After its dissolution (1970 ) Excelsior was opened again. Another Fusion ( 1977) led to the name change in Roubaix Football; this club succeeded once again in 1983, the rise in the second league (D2 ) - but only for a season. In 1990, merged with Stade Roubaisien in which the also re-established pre-war rival RC Roubaix was meanwhile risen, under the name Stade Olympique Club de Roubaix ( SCOR). At the turn of 1995/1996 the club was liquidated, could not even finish in the 3rd league this season. Such was the economic decline of the industrial region characterized almost parallel with the sporty descent of two national cup surprises ( Excelsior AC Racing) and a champion clubs ( CORT ).

League membership

Professional status had Excelsior AC Roubaix from 1932 to 1945; first class (Division 1 since 2002 in Ligue 1 renamed) played the club from 1932 to 1940, 1942/43 and 1944 / 45th


  • French Champion: None, best finish was table Rank 5 (1933 /34)
  • French Cup Winners: 1933

Famous Players (1930-1945)

  • French national team, the number of internationals for EAC Roubaix and the period of these international operations are given in parentheses Célestin Delmer (5, 1933-1934 ) before 6 matches for another club
  • Marcel Desrousseaux (2, 1935-1937 )
  • Jean Gautheroux (1, 1936)
  • Henri Hiltl (1, 1944) ( previously 1 per match for another club and for Austria, see below )
  • Marcel Langiller (17, from 1930 to 1933, scoring 5 goals, including at the World Cup 1930) before 7, after 6 more caps for two other clubs
  • Noël Liétaer (7, 1933-1934 )
  • Jean Secember (1, 1935)
  • From Scotland: David Bartlett, John Donoghue, John Muir Baker and Alexander McLennan
  • From Austria: Heinrich Hiltl, Adolf Vogl, Robert Pavlicek
  • From Belgium: Gaston Plovie
  • From Hungary: Jenő Kalmár
  • From Yugoslavia Ivan Petrak
  • The argentinischstämmige Helenio Herrera (and later French )