Executive suite

As a business center or office center is referred to buildings and building complexes in which there is a greater number of offices and conference rooms under one roof. These related services are offered on office operations. Business center are located usually in large cities, at fairgrounds, at major airports as well as in a central city location.

The various-sized office space business centers are partially specialized office services company with the appropriate infrastructure (office furniture, telecommunications and Internet connections, and partly computer, etc. ) equipped, operated and rented for a more or less long period of time to other companies, rare also leased. If necessary, here the required office staff or specialized personnel will also minuten-/stundenweise provided ( secretarial services, telephone and secretarial services, Translators ). By use of office space in business centers over a secretarial services, a business does not own (or at least to a lesser extent ) own such infrastructure entertain (outsourcing), thereby financially relieved and flexible. Such a lean corporate infrastructure (for example, meetings or during fairs outside the normal company locations ) or in the startup phase is capital poor young companies ( for the latter see also: business incubator ) is particularly advantageous at very short notice and only temporarily benötigtem peak demand.