Expressways of China

The Chinese highway network is the fastest growing motorway network in the world and since 2011 also the world's longest before the U.S. Interstate Highway System.


Length of the route

Numbering system

How many network numbering goes from the Chinese of the capital Beijing and follows the clockwise direction with the seven -digit numbered main lines G1 to G7. In addition, there are nine north-south connections with odd numbers, starting with the G11 as the easternmost route, up to the G85 as the westernmost north-south highway. As in the American Interstate Highway System is the numbering of the main north- south routes divisible by 5. In addition, eighteen east-west connections with even numbers, starting with the G10 in the north to the G80 in the south. As in the American Interstate Highway System is the numbering of the main east - west routes divisible by 10. Furthermore, planned six sprawling ring roads for which numberings are reserved G91 to G99.

Partial branch off from the main routes previously mentioned from regional highways that are designated by two additional digits after the name of the main line, starting with " 11 " (eg, G8511 ). Alternatively, however, currently only in the case of G4W and G15W, a capital letter is appended to the name of the main line, which is derived from the English word relevant for each compass direction in which the regional motorway is (ie for 'West ", N for" North ", etc.).

Furthermore, there are numerous local, mostly designed as a ring road motorways, whose name identifies the digits " 01" after the name of the main line. Add to this the city that leads to the such a beltway to distinguish highways the same number from each can.


Almost all highways are toll roads. The fees amount to about 0.5 yuan ( about 0.06 EUR ) per kilometer, with mostly independent kilometer minimum fees may apply (for example, 5 CNY / EUR 0.60).

Tabulated list of Chinese highways

The previous existing, under construction and planned network includes the following routes: