Extension Scouting

The term scout Despite everything (PTA ) to work with people with disabilities is referred to in the Scout Movement.

Form of work

The form of work is aimed at people with various forms of disability, mostly those can be achieved with a physical disability or a cognitive disability. Depending on the severity of the impairment of the participants with disabilities in the usual groups ( herds, clans ) integrated or combined in separate groups with specially trained group leaders.


The first scout groups emerged with disabled children in 1924 in Switzerland. Officially the form of work in the Swiss Scouts, however, was not introduced until 1945. In 2005 there were in the Scout Movement Switzerland 29 PTA groups in all four language regions. The names of the form of work in the language regions are:

  • Scout Despite everything - German Switzerland
  • Scouts Malgré Tout - Romandie (French)
  • Scaut ad ogni osto - Ticino ( Italian)
  • Battasendas Malgra does - Graubünden (Romansh )

From 14 to 16 May 2005, the first national Scout Defiance everything Pentecostal camp of Switzerland took place in Altdorf. Over 500 disabled and non-disabled Scouts participated. In Austria the work form Scouts Despite all, due to a short conflict with the Post and Telekom Austria around 1995 in Boy Scouts How All ( PWA) had to be renamed. In Germany, the form after the Second World War in the different organizations was introduced.