Eyach (Neckar)

The source of Eyach north of Albstadt- Pfeffingen

The Eyach is a right tributary of the Neckar in Baden- Württemberg. It rises north of Pfeffingen ( a district of Albstadt ) to 833 meters above sea level, only a few hundred meters from the European watershed and there springing a tributary of the Danube, the Schmiecha removed. The average discharge at the mouth is 3.23 m³ / s

Places on the river

Crosses on their nearly 50 -mile walk to the northwest or clips the Eyach following municipalities:

  • Albstadt ( Pfeffingen, Margrethausen, Lautlingen, running on the Eyach )
  • Balingen ( Dürrwangen, Frommern, Balingen, Engstlatt, East Village )
  • Haigerloch ( Owingen, Stetten, Haigerloch Bad Imnau )
  • Horb am Neckar ( Mühringen )
  • Star Zach ( Felldorf )

In Eyach Eyach or the train station, two kilometers west of the village Börstingen (part of Star Zach ), opens the Eyach into the Neckar.


The Eyach passes through on their way gradient ranging from the Swabian Alb to the Neckar a valley that has some stunning landscapes. The emergence of the picturesque rock formations of Schalksburg rock Gräbelesberges and hole Hörnles in running goes back to a former tributary of the ancient Danube. The now flowing in the opposite direction Ting Eyach is an example of how extended the river system of the Rhine at the expense of the Danube system. The Flussanzapfungen to the Neckar have left a decapitated valley towards the Danube, about the beginning of which now runs the displaced watershed. The erosive power of Eyach has the hard waterfall layers the massive, six-meter- high waterfall of Eyach can arise in Laufen ( Eyachlaufen ) and also the valley landscape Haigerloch ( the " rock town "). Your center is built along a cliff (Upper and Lower Town). The Haigerloch castle stands on a cut out of the Eyach ledge.


In Balinger Schwäbisch the article has firmly attached to the noun, so that by "dr D- Eye" spoken. Is also found in earlier reports, the term " Deya ", as in the Topographia Sueviae by Matthäus Merian of 1643 / 1656.


  • Innentalbach (right)
  • Book Bach ( left)
  • Wants Albach (right)
  • Kieferstalbach (left)
  • Astray Bach ( left)
  • Rohrbach (right)
  • Cheese Taler Bach ( right)
  • Ochsentalbach (left)
  • Meßstetter Talbach (left)
  • Kehlbach (right)
  • Bruckbach (left)
  • Lauterbach ( left)
  • Steinbach (left)
  • Eltschbach (right)
  • Tugging Stallbach (left)
  • Hook Bach ( left)
  • Line trench ( left)
  • Schalk Bach ( right), 8.4 km
  • Rappentalbach (left)
  • Bitzgraben (right)
  • Grundbach (left)
  • Prey Bach ( left)
  • Böllbach (right)
  • Hühnerbach (left)
  • Steinach (left), 12.0 km
  • Etzelbach (right)
  • Reichenbach (right)
  • Talgraben (left)
  • Kaunterbach (left), 9.9 km
  • Schnürgraben (left)
  • Klingenbachstrasse (right), 11.5 km
  • Talbach (right)
  • Mittelbach (left), 8.3 km
  • Dietenbach (right)
  • Rötenbach ( Big Cabbage grave Bach) (left)
  • Sulzbach (right)
  • Canyon trench ( right)
  • Stunzach (left), 19.7 km
  • Bruckbach (right)
  • Butzengraben (left)
  • Loaves Bach ( left)
  • Field Bach ( right)


The name of the city on the lower reaches municipality Star Zach was derived from the two limiting them Starzel river and Eyach.