Eyeworks is an independent, internationally operating television production and development company whose television formats are distributed and broadcast worldwide in more than 50 countries. On February 11, 2014 Warner Bros. Television announced plans to take over all subsidiaries Eyeworks television production companies in 15 countries to 100 %.

The Company

The company's headquarters is Amsterdam ( Netherlands), with subsidiaries in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. The Dutch Eyeworks Holding BV was Reinout Oerlemans of (a former actor and television presenter ) founded in 2001 and is one of the leading production companies in the Netherlands.

Eyeworks is best known for the international television format Test The Nation, which has been awarded many prizes in addition to the Rose d' Or 2005 in Lucerne.

In the Netherlands Eyeworks Sports produces all major sporting events such as football for private and public broadcaster. In addition, Eyeworks has worked as a film producer, including with the films Totgemacht - The Alzheimer Case and the Oscar-winning Antonia's Line, and Love Life -. Love meets life that counts with over one million moviegoers the most successful films in the Netherlands. Furthermore Eyeworks produced the movie adaptations of the popular series New Kids: New Kids Turbo and New Kids Nitro, who successfully ran thanks to a large fan base in Germany.

Eyeworks Germany GmbH ( Germany )

Eyeworks Germany produced for all major German broadcasters a host of successful formats from all genres, as well as feature films for the national and international market.

The headquarters of the German branch is Cologne. The company was founded in 2000 as a subsidiary of RTL Television GmbH Kai Sturm as managing director. In 2003, the entry of the Dutch Eyeworks BV was. Since 2005 Eyeworks is BV the sole shareholder of the German Eyeworks GmbH. The experienced and independent German Filmproduktionsfima Cologne Gemini Film, founded in 1988 by Gerhard Schmidt and Micha Terjung, was established in October 2008 Partner Eyeworks Germany before 2010, the merger by Eyeworks Germany took place. The former managing director Gerhard Schmidt and Micha Terjung have dropped in late 2011 from the company, however, continue to work together with Eyeworks Germany.

The management team of Eyeworks Germany consists of:

  • René Jamm, CEO
  • Martin v. Winterfeld, COO
  • Sabine de Mardt, Director Fiction & Film
  • Silke Satin, Head of Production Entertainment
  • Michael Hahn, Head of Production Fiction
  • Bernd von Fehrn, Creative Director
  • Käthe bailiff, Head of Development & Sales
  • Peter Werse, Head of Factual Entertainment


Among the current entertainment formats: " Rach, the restaurant critic ", which among other things was awarded the German Television Award and the Golden Camera, continue " Rach Restaurant School" (both RTL), " dream woman looking for," " The Guinness Show" and the show series "Test The Nation " for RTL II (including " The Big IQ Test", "The Great driving Test " ), for the WDR, the cabaret show " midnight Lace " and the documentary series " Born in 2010 " for RTL " daughter Wanted ", one of the quote strongest Reality formats of the sender, as well the successful Ranking Show " 10 " and " The chefs "and" Goodbye Germany - The Emigrants " for VOX. Since 2012 Eyeworks Germany produced the popular comedy show " switch reloaded" for ProSieben.

More Eyeworks productions were the talent show Me Tarzan, you Jane! (2008, Sat.1 ), the sketch comedy Kargar hits the nail with the comedians Sven Nagel and Attik Kargar ( Comedy Central ), and Jürgen von der Lippe's comedy show Ask the lip (2008 on Comedy Central).

Fiction & Film

Eyeworks Germany produces among other things: " Wilsberg " and " Marie Brand ", both TV crime series for ZDF, the crime series " Maria Wern " for ARD, " The Lotto King ," a multipart WDR family comedy, as well as the cinema 's bestseller adaptation " Scherbenpark ". Have just finished: " Blind traces ", a pilot for RTL and ZDF television comedy " idiot test ".

International Cologne Gemini had with European and North American partners made ​​over the past 20 years, more than 50 mostly English-language films - movies (for example, Lorna's Silence, Boat Trip, Baby, I Am Dina ), television ( for example, Mary Higgins Clark Collection, Konsalik Collection ) TV mini-series (for example, the Bockreiter, the Beautiful the power sense), documentaries (for example Marlene Dietrich - Her Own Song, Diary the last heroes, Westlife ) - have been sold worldwide.

Cologne Gemini productions ran at numerous national and international festivals and have been frequently nominated and awarded. Lorna's Silence by Jean -Pierre and Luc Dardenne in 2008 the Golden Palm for Best Screenplay, the LUX Film Prize of the European Parliament and the Lumiere Award for best French film made outside France, excellent. The 2008 broadcast on ARD TV movie you can never be sure you got the television Film Festival Baden -Baden four prices: best screenplay, best acting performance ( Ludwig Trepte ), the 3sat Audience Prize and the Prize of the student jury. On the International Children 's and Youth Film Festival rascal he was awarded the Prize of the DEFA Foundation. International won the film at the film festival in Biarritz " FIPA D'OR Grand Prize " for the best European TV Film and Best Screenplay. In addition, your winning can you never be sure in 2009 the Adolf Grimme Prize.

Other productions


  • Austria 's New Football Star Puls4, Austria
  • All typical! The big Cliché - Sat.1
  • The Weakest Link - RTL, with Sonja Zietlow
  • The Scrap Hotel - ZDFneo
  • The Class Clown - RTL
  • Germany's smartest children - RTL
  • Twenty-one - RTL, with Hans Meiser
  • Experiment incognito - kabel eins
  • Goodbye Germany - VOX
  • Big City Love - RTL
  • Big cities, big dreams - ZDFneo
  • Guelcan Collies and move to the country - ProSieben
  • Hape Kerkeling Live! - Hape Kerkeling (RTL), Hape Kerkeling solo
  • I know who 's good for you - The First
  • My First Life - RTL
  • My world - ZDFneo
  • Do not tell the Bride - RTL2
  • Stylish & Beautiful - ZDF
  • Sweet & Delicious - WDR
  • As the savages - Sat.1, based on Eyeworks ' Ticket To The Tribes
  • Adam zkt Eva - RTL 5

Fiction & Movies:

  • Age before beauty - ZDF
  • Berlin 36 - (cinema)
  • Bernds Hexe RTL
  • Boat Trip (cinema)
  • The Stinkstiefel - ZDF
  • The dative is the genitive case of his death - WDR
  • A twin is not enough - Sat1
  • Lucky Strike - Anna & the boxer - Sat1
  • Liebestod - ARD
  • Merrit Cremer - ARD
  • Black Forest Manor - ARD
  • Divorce Advanced - ZDF
  • What are you reading - WDR, with Jürgen von der Lippe