Ezmlm ( " eazy mailing list manager " ) is a free server software for the operation of mailing lists with the mail server software qmail. It is programmed in C and runs on various Unix -like operating systems.

Ezmlm was written in 1997 and since then no further development from the original author. It was unconditionally passed as free software in the source code to the general public ( Public Domain ). With ezmlm -idx exists a still actively maintained development.

Ezmlm - basic program

Developed by qmail -author Daniel J. Bernstein software provides the basic functions for creating a mailing list, such as the management of recipients to send E - mails to this, and the handling of undeliverable e-mails.

Ezmlm -idx

Ezmlm -idx is an extension ( add- on) and the basic program ezmlm and was developed by Frederik Lindberg, Fred B. Ringel and Bruce Guenter. It adds the software add more functions, such as advanced archive functions, mailing lists moderation, advanced administration settings, and more efficient storage of the configuration of ezmlm; this enables the integration of translation files for other languages ​​.

While ezmlm itself is no longer being developed, ezmlm -idx is still actively maintained. Since it fits very well in qmail environments is ezmlm and ezmlm -idx here often still the first choice. It can be installed directly from the standard repositories in Debian-based Linux distributions such as the popular Ubuntu.

Ezmlm -web

Ezmlm -web is a web interface to edit / configure ezmlm mailing lists.

Gpg- ezmlm

The extension gpg- ezmlm allows GnuPG encrypted using ezmlm mailing lists. The e- mails are encrypted by the sender using the key of the mailing list. This encrypts the email before forwarding it again with the keys of the list subscribers. This has the advantage that a subscriber does not have to know the key of the other subscribers. When signing up to the mailing list of key exchange between the subscriber and mailing list is.