F (disambiguation)

F is

  • F, as a lowercase f, the sixth letter in the German Alphabet

The name of

  • F, novel by Daniel Quinn
  • A variant of the Fortran programming language, see Fortran # variants

F as a counter variable or unit is

  • Farad, symbols of the electrical capacitance
  • Faraday constant, the electric charge per mole of singly charged ions
  • The decimal value 15 in a place value system with a base greater than 10

F is the symbol for

  • Force ( from Engl. Force), symbols of the physical quantity
  • In physics, free energy
  • Futuja wind strength class, see Fujita Scale
  • Minimum feature size ( Eng.: minimum feature size ), a unit of length in the photolithographic fabrication of semiconductor elements

F is abbreviation or identifying mark

  • France country code according to ISO 3166
  • Freedom Party of Austria, temporarily as an abbreviation
  • Peacetime strength, personnel strength indication in the army
  • In the U.S. for the school grade six, see School Note # USA
  • Fighter, see fighter or designation system for aircraft of the U.S. Armed Forces

In the natural sciences:

  • Fluoride, a chemical element
  • Phenylalanine, one-letter code of the amino acid
  • Spectral class, for the classification of stars

On license plate:

  • Denmark: Faroe Islands
  • Germany: district-free city of Frankfurt am Main
  • Falkland Islands
  • Georgia: Zugdidi
  • UK: Forest and Fens
  • Kazakhstan: foreigners (on yellow background )
  • Madagascar: Fianarantsoa
  • Philippines: Region 6: Western Visayas
  • Poland: Voivodeship Lubusz
  • Czech Republic: Test vehicles
  • Hungary: trucks and trailers ( discontinued)

As mint mark for a Mint:

  • Angers on French coins from 1540 to 1661
  • Hall in Tirol on coins of the Roman- German Empire from 1766 to 1805
  • Magdeburg in Prussian coins 1751-1767
  • Stuttgart on coins of the German Empire in 1873, and in the Federal Republic of Germany

F as an abbreviation or symbol stands for:

  • Symbols for the focal length
  • Abbreviation for feminine (female)
  • Abbreviation for the prefix femto and stands for quadrillion of, see Resolutions for units
  • Abbreviation for formative to refer to a cultivated form, see form (biology)
  • The sound volume forte ( " loud, strong"), see Dynamics ( music)
  • Symbol for the degree of freedom
  • Symbols for the frequency
  • Generic symbol for a function, see Function (mathematics)
  • As ° f for hardness, see water hardness

F is an abbreviation for:

  • " Following ", see f
  • "Folio ", see Folium
  • "Form" or Latin " forma" in biology, see form (biology)
  • " On "
  • Series F
  • F- algebra
  • Type F
  • Disambiguation
  • Abbreviation