F. Dickinson Letts

Fred Dickinson Letts (* April 26, 1875 in Ainsworth, Washington County, Iowa; † January 19, 1965 in Washington DC ) was an American politician. Between 1925 and 1931 he represented the state of Iowa in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Dickinson Letts attended the public schools of his home and thereafter until 1897, the Parsons College in Fairfield. After a subsequent law studies at the University of Iowa in Iowa City and its made ​​in 1899 admitted to the bar, he began practicing in his new profession in Davenport. From 1911-1912 and 1914-1925 was Letts judge in the seventh judicial district of Iowa.

Politically, Letts member of the Republican Party. In 1924, he was elected in the second district of Iowa in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington. There he entered on March 4, 1925, the successor to Harry E. Hull, whom he had defeated in the primaries of his party. After two re- election he was able to complete in Congress until March 3, 1931 three legislative periods. His last years in the House of Representatives were overshadowed by the events of the Great Depression. In the elections of 1930, Letts was defeated by Democrat Bernhard M. Jacobsen.

After his time in the House of Representatives Dickinson Letts was appointed in Washington by U.S. President Herbert C. Hoover as a judge at the Federal District Supreme Court. Letts remained until 1961, judges in this court. He died on 19 January 1965 at the age of 89 years in Washington and was buried in his birthplace Ainsworth. He was a cousin of Lester J. Dickinson (1875-1965), who represented 1919-1937 the State of Iowa in both chambers of Congress.