F.T. Island

F.T. Iceland ( Kor. 에프티 아일랜드 ) (also: Five Treasure Iceland or FTI), is a South Korean band consisting of five members. The name F.T. Iceland stands for Five Treasure Iceland by each of the five members is a treasure. Their first album Cheerful Sensibilitty was the sixth - best-selling album in South Korea in 2007 ( only a few months after their debut ). Their debut song Love Sick was eight consecutive weeks at the top of all the K- pop charts. Their first album in Japan also was the sixth best-selling album - on the Oricon charts.

  • 2.1 2002-2005
  • 2.2 2007-2008
  • 2.3 2009 -present
  • 3.1 Current 3.1.1 Choi Jong -hun
  • 3.1.2 Lee Hong -ki
  • 3.1.3 Lee Jae -jin
  • 3.1.4 Song Seung -hyun
  • 3.1.5 Choi Min -hwan


2007-2008: Cheerful Sensibility and Overseas Promotion

Although the publication of F.T. Iceland's first album was scheduled for May 2007, the members appeared instead at the " Dugeun Dugeun Yeochinmandeulgi " ( 두근 두근 여친 만들기 ) show the Korean TV channel Mnet to attract more attention of the media. The program title was officially translated by Mnet as Wanna Be My Girlfriend? , Although 두근 두근 refers to the sound of a heartbeat. The band appeared also live on stage at the Rolling Hall and held their first official concert at Live House Melon -AX, Gwangjang -dong in Seoul on May 27, 2007. On 7 June 2007 the group played their debut song Love Sick on the music television program M! countdown. The song remained eight weeks continuously at the top of the Korean charts. F.T. Iceland received their first number 1 M! Countdownund beat so even other top artists such as Dynamic Duo and Fly to the Sky, only two weeks after its debut. They received several awards for this album.

Their first album, Cheerful Sensibility, consisting of 13 songs, was divided into two parts: the " Emotional Chapter " and " FT- Iceland - chapter " regarding the genre of the songs. The " Emotional Chapter " consisted of rock ballads, produced by composers who have already worked on several songs for other famous Korean singer such as SG Wannabe. The " FT- Iceland - chapter" contained upbeat songs from the pop and rock genres and was designed by Japanese composers. Using the Japanese band SMAP worked, produced. The album was sold 2007 79.786 times and thus became the sechtsbestverkaufte album of the year. A re- release of the album it was on 3 December 2007 under the name The Refreshment. In addition to the three extra songs were included various extras: a photo book, photo cards, and a mix program called Music 2.0 which allowed one, the pitch of the instruments according to the vocals ( votes) vote. This edition was sold in December 2007, 25,724 times.

A special version of their debut album was released in mid-February. On April 12, 2008, she gave her first concert in Thailand at the Royal Paragon Hall In addition to the songs of their album, each member of the band had their own solo.

Following the increasing popularity throughout Asia FT was Iceland's Japanese debut album, Prologue of FT Iceland published on 7 June 2008, which won them the successful song Soyogi. The album consists of 8 songs, 2 of which are newer versions of their original titles FT Iceland and prima donna. The last track, Always Be Mine, is an English version of First Kiss, even though the lyrics are different than in the Korean version. In addition, music videos were released to Soyogi and Friendship. According to their activities in Japan returned F.T. Iceland to Korea to release their second Korean album Colorful Sensibility on August 27, 2008. A subsequent EP, Colorful Sensibility Part 2, was released on 17 October 2008.

Later in the year, on December 17, published FT Iceland The One, their first Japanese commercial single, which was number 9 on the Oricon Daily Charts. F & C Music stated that although other Korean bands all the assistance of large Japanese record labels needed to gain popularity, FT Iceland came into the charts to have achieved without great marketing success. Furthermore, the single was significant as it was the last officially released CD with ex-member Oh Won -bin.

2009 -present: New cast, sub-group and Cross & Change

Rumors circled about, that said band member Oh Won -bin will leave the Group on 28 January 2009, the rumors were confirmed. Oh Won -bin will leave the group to be replaced by a new member. One day it was announced that F & C trainee Song Seung -hyun at FT Iceland will support as a guitarist and harmony vocalist. With this new group compilation FT published Iceland a music video titled Bad Woman for their mini-album. This FTI promoted at SBS Inkigayo, and two days later they released the mini-album Jump Up.

As PhD studies in Korea were completed, returned FT Iceland back to Japan, where they soon released their second Japanese single. This was the first time that the members themselves contributed to their music and lyrics written and helped with the production. While member Lee Jae -jin was co-songwriter of the song Moonlight Angel, helped group leader Choi Jong- hoon as co- producer. I believe myself was the first single with the voice of a member Song Seung -hyun. In order to promote their music, the group held several performances in Japan during the summer of 2009.

Their Asia tour went through Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and other countries and lasted several weeks. The tour started in Singapore. For an hour the five band members played their hit songs from their latest album, including Bad Woman, in front of around 900 fans from different countries.

In July F & C Music released a cover image for the upcoming third album by the group Cross & Change. In conjunction with the information on the cover is decided FT Iceland to try out some new music styles in their third album, which included ballads and some pop songs. The group even underwent a change of image and took on a retro style, the so-called " Bokgo " which was inspired by the " jeans jeans look" period during the 80s. In order to promote their third album, they released this time an online music video teaser (detail) with children, their idols (played by the band members themselves) who watched on television. The Leitsingle I Hope was released on July 16. After the operations in South Korea ended, FT flew Iceland returned to Japan and released their third Japanese single, Raining there on 21 October 2009. Choi Jong -hun starred in the title song even piano, instead of the usual guitar.

After several Japanese promotional activities, members Choi Jong -hun band, Choi Min -hwan and Lee Jae -jin were in a sub- group called FT Triple occupied. The reason was that the subset taking a little bit of time singing at a concert, so that lead singer Lee Hong -ki does not have to strain his voice. In December 2008, lead singer Lee Hong -ki got problems with his neck, due to exhaustion, which led to einttäuschenden performances. Another reason was Hong -ki full schedule of filming his drama You're Beautiful, and Song Seung - hyun's busy schedule. However, instead of Jae -jin vocals and bass took over and Jong -hun was on guitar, took Jae -jin vocals and bass with Jong -hun played the piano. Min- hwan continued to play drums. Although the trio at the Dream Concert in Japan were unofficially known as "A3" announced ( The "A" represented the blood type of all three band members), they wanted the FT Keep names and supplemented as at the end of "triple" that represented the trio. F.T. Triples first single Love Letter, together with FT Islands 2CD Repackaged Album Double Date published as part of the second CD Two Date that all FT Triple songs contained. 14 November 2009 launched F.T. Iceland its National Tour in Seoul named Men 's Stories. They gave many concerts, The focus was South East Asia such as Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, and on March 6, 2010 in Manila, Philippines in PICC Center.

After F.T. Iceland their 1000 days F.T. Had Iceland celebration, which is also the same day as Lee Hong -ki was accidental birthday, they flew to Japan and stayed until the end of August, there to there her big debut in cooperation with the Japanese record company Warner Music Japan and their official label F & C Music prepare. Due to their rapidly increasing popularity, Warner Music offered the group a greater promotion in the Japanese market. On May 19, 2010 F.T. Iceland recently released their latest single Flower Rock under Warner Music. In order to achieve a greater promotion, Warner Music brought the group to stay 5 more months for promotional activities such as fan meetings, magazines, interviews, short concerts etc..

After they have promoted their single, want FT Iceland to focus on their comeback album in Korea, which will be released in September 2010. It is believed that their sixth album a "bomb", since it will be a collaboration between F & C and Warner Music. They also have a new Japanese show which is sent since April 7.

Other projects of the band / band members


Member Lee Hong -ki debuted six years ago in a sitcom for children of KBS2 Magic Kid Masuri named as Masuris friend. This sitcom was popular especially among elementary school students. He also took part in the Neh Sontob Kkeuteh Bichi Nama Issuh, as well as in Kangsooni, where he took on the role of Kang Soo -bong. He also sang the theme song of this kids sitcom.


Member Lee Jae -jin was a participant of KBSs sitcom Unstoppable Marriage while the other members made a guest appearance. In the sitcom, played Jae -jin, the Rolles of Wang Sa - baek ( Sim Mal- yeon's fourth son ) and thus appeared regularly on the show.

F.T. Iceland also hosted the second MBC Every1s Idol show, with a total of 7 episodes. Lee Hong -ki appeared in several shows, such as Becoming a Good Daddy ( SBS) (2008-2009), Monwonaehangbok (Happy Shares Company) ( 2007) ( MBC), and Family Outing (SBS ). In addition, it was determined this in the drama 'God of Study ' in December 2008 to play along. However, due to certain matters, the series has been postponed until further notice. It was later announced that God of Study to be sent on 4 January 2010, without Hong -ki as part of the cast.

2009- today

Lee Hong -ki hosted SBS's music show Inkigayo and won the role of Lysander on the musical Summer Stage. Choi Min -hwan also got a role, but in the drama The Road Home, while the newest member Song Seung -hyun mitmachte in maknae rebellion show.

On 11 March 2009 it was announced that Lee Jae -jin will participate in the musical Sonagi. He 'll get a role as a little boy. He was selected as a cast because he was " a great passion for the piece pointed out, the image of a sincere young and the qualifications had to be considered as a musical actor into account." He followed in the footsteps of Big Bang's Seungri, who also participated in a musical in the summer of 2008. His first appearance in Sonagi was on the show from May 1, accompanied by the press, before it caused a sensation. All except Hong -ki, who on that day had a full work schedule, it had all the members of the band managed to attend the musical.

On June 29, Choi Jong -hun played with Core Contents Media's soloist Hong Jin -young as one of the main characters in her music video Love Battery with.

Published in July 2009 F.T. Iceland their new album called Cross & Changes. The main song Bara (I hope ) has sold 400,000 copies within a week. After their successful album they released another Japanese single titled So Long, Au revoir, which charts debuted at number 6 on the Oricon, as best-selling album of all time.

In September 2009, Lee Hong -ki was chosen one of the lead roles in the popular drama You're Beautiful to play.

F.T. Iceland held their Asian Tour Concert by the end of March 2010. Currently they are preparing for a major debut in Japan. Their single Flower Rock should appear on 19 May 2010, however, the official MV was published on 29 April 2010.



Choi Jong -hun

  • Played in Style Wave together with Song Seung -hyun with.
  • Mnet Scandal.
  • Appearance at Seoul Broadcasting System ( SBS) Idol maknae rebellion with Song Seung -hyun.
  • Unstoppable Marriage ( KBS2, 2008) cameo appearance in Ep.62

Lee Hong -ki

  • One of the main roles (Jeremy ) in the drama You're Beautiful (SBS, 2009)
  • Main characters ( Lysander ) in the Korean version of the musical A Midsummer Night's Dream ( A Midsummer Night's Dream ) (2009 )
  • One of the Moderator in Music Inkigayo (SBS, 2009)
  • Style (SBS, 2009) cameo in Ep.6
  • Mnet Scandal (2009)
  • One of the fathers in Good Daddy Variety Show (SBS, 2008)
  • On Air (SBS, 2008) cameo
  • Unstoppable Marriage ( KBS2, 2008) cameo in Ep.62
  • Happy Shares Company Manwon Haengbok (SBS, 2008)
  • Main role in Kkangsooni (EBS, 2005)
  • One of the main characters in the film Winter Child ( 2005)
  • Neh Sontob Kkeuteh Bichi Nama Issuh (EBS, 2004)
  • Acting debut in 2002 KBS2 Magic Kid Masuri with ( 매직 키드 마수리 ) as Masuri 's friend

Lee Jae -jin

  • Acting debut in 2007 KBS2 daily sitcom Unstoppable Marriage in as Wang Sa - baek ( 왕사 백 ).
  • Musical acting debut in 2009 Sonagi, Modeling.
  • Style (SBS, 2009) cameo appearance in Episode 6
  • High School Musical (2013 ) as Troy Bolton

Song Seung -hyun

  • Played a role in Seoul Broadcasting System ( SBS) Idol maknae rebellion
  • Played with in Style Wave together with Choi Jong -hun
  • Musical ' Jack the Ripper ' (2012 ) as Daniel
  • Musical 'Summer Snow' (2013 ) as Jin -ha in Japan
  • Musical ' The Three Musketeers ' (2013 ) in Japan

Choi Min -hwan

  • Acting debut in 2009, KBS1 The Road Home.
  • Style (SBS, 2009) cameo appearance in Episode 6
  • Unstoppable Marriage ( KBS2, 2008) cameo appearance in episode 62
  • On Air (SBS, 2008 Ep 1) Cameo
  • Gwanghwamun Sonata (2012-2013) as Ji- yong
  • Goong ( Princess Hours ) ( 2013) as Lee Shin

Former band members

Oh Won -bin


  • Cheerful Sensibility (2007)
  • The Refreshment (2007)
  • The One (2008)
  • Colorful Sensibility Part 1 ( 2008)
  • Colorful Sensibility Part 2 ( 2008)
  • Jump Up (2009 ) EP
  • Cross & Change vol.3 (2009)
  • Double Date (2009)
  • Beautiful Journey ( 2010) - EP
  • Return ( 2011) - EP
  • Grown (2012 )
  • Five Treasure Box (2012 )
  • Thanks To (2013 )
  • The Mood (2013 ) - EP ( # 1)
  • Prologue of F.T. Iceland: Soyogi (2008)
  • So Long, Au Revoir (2009)
  • I Believe Myself (2009)
  • Raining (2009)
  • Flower Rock (2010) - EP
  • Brand New Days (2010) - EP
  • So Today (2010) - EP
  • Satisfaction (2011) - EP
  • Five Treasure Iceland (2011)
  • Let It Go ( 2011) - EP


  • 2007 M.net Asian Music Awards: Best New Boyband ( Lovesick )
  • 2007 M.net Asian Music Awards: Mnet.com Award ( Lovesick )
  • July 26, 2007 Mnet M! Countdown ( Lovesick )
  • SBS Inkigayo Mutizen July 29, 2007 ( Lovesick )
  • SBS Inkigayo Mutizen August 5, 2007 ( Lovesick )
  • SBS Inkigayo Mutizen August 12, 2007 ( Lovesick )
  • September 2, 2007 Blistex 's Most Beautiful Lips
  • September 14, 2007 KBS Music Bank 1 ( Lovesick ), 2 (Thunder )
  • September 22, 2007 Asia Song Festival ( Best New Group)
  • December 14, 2007 Golden Disk Awards ( Anycalls ' Popularity & Best New Artist Awards )
  • 2008 Mutizen Inkigayo Award ( Until You Return)
  • 17th Seoul Music Awards: Rookie of the Year ( Love Sick )
  • Korean Entertainment Awards: Best Male Group
  • 2008 Golden Disk Awards: YEPP Popularity Award
  • 2009 17th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards Ceremony Top Ten Singer Award
  • July, 2009 MNet M! Countdown (I hope )
  • 2010 16th Republic of Korea Entertainment Arts Awards Ceremony Male Singer Award - FT Iceland
  • 25th Golden Disk Awards: Cosmopolitan Rock Music Award
  • 20th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang Award
  • MBC Idol Star 7080 King Singer Award

, Triple Crown with ' Severely ' 2012