F4 (band)

JVKV (originally F4) was a popular Taiwanese pop group consisting of singers Vaness Wu, Vic Zhou, Jerry Yan and Ken Chu, which function as an actor, thus the boy band is well known in Japan and the Philippines.

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From 2001 to 2003. From the birth of separating

Meteor Garden

Meteor Garden is a coupling to the Japanese manga series " Hana Yori Dango ". Jerry Yan starred in the series, the main role of an arrogant, rich student who encounters its counterpart on the basis of a poor girl and Shan Cai is called. This is played by Barbie Xu. Vaness Wu, Vic Zhou and Ken Chu play the friends of the students. In the series, the students are known and form the band "Flower Four". 2001 Meteor Garden was aired in Taiwan. A year later, the series was also sent to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. The sequel Meteor Garden 2 was filmed in Spain and was also in Canada and in the U.S. a success.

Band History

2001 was taken as a boy band F4 by Sony Music Entertainment under contract and released three albums: "Meteor Rain", "Fantasy 4ever " and " Waiting For You Here". In addition, the band released the cover version of " Can not Help Falling In Love" from the band Mandarin, which was included in the soundtrack for the Asian version of Lilo & Stitch Walt Disney. The English version song was set to music by the A * Teens, but this is a cover of the same song, which was published in 1961 by Elvis Presley. The band was sponsored by Pepsi, Yamaha Motor and Samuel & Kevin. The Taiwanese government appointed the band members become ambassadors who are "in Taiwan Wish to See You " launched the campaign. 2003, the band received the Inspiration Award from MTV Asia awarded. That same year, the band parted ways.

Reunification and name change

Since the band split up in 2003, the singers, the right to the band name "F4" to be used by the Japanese author of the manga was removed. For this reason, the producer of the series Meteor Garden, the band was renamed to JVKV. After some disagreements within the band's third album of the band was released in 2007. This is called " Waiting For You ", but not JVKV, but F4 was printed on the cover. F4 was the first foreign band, which in Japan succeeded in 2008 to break the record for the most viewers since Jay Chou and Faye Wong.

Solo projects

Since the name change, the band members care more about their own solo careers. For example, Jerry Yan published his debut solo album "The First Time". In addition, he plays with in several films and television series since 2004.

Vic Zhou has released three solo albums: "Make a Wish" (2002), "Remember I Love You" (2004) and "I'm Not F4" (2007). He also played with some Taiwanese dramas.

Vaness Wu also released three solo albums. His debut album is called "Body Will Sing ". His second album is called " V.Dubb ", as it is also called. It appeared he published " In Between " his third album in 2007. 2008. He also appeared in several music videos. He is represented with the song " Poker Face" also in the soundtrack of EA Sports ' FIFA World Cup 2006 ".

Chu has written his own book " Delicious Relations " (2006), a cookbook, because cooking one of his hobbies is. In 2005 he released his solo album "On Ken 's Time". 2009 is his second album " Getting Real " appear. This album will also contain a few bonus songs.

Discography of the band


  • Meteor Rain ( 2001)
  • Waiting For You Here ( 2002)
  • Fantasy 4ever (2003)


  • Waiting For You (2007)

Solo albums

Ken Zhu

  • On Ken 's Time (2005)
  • Getting Real (2009)

Vic Zhou

  • Make a Wish (2002)
  • Remember I Love You (2004)
  • I'm Not F4 ( 2007)

Vaness Wu

  • Body Will Sing (2003)
  • V.Dubb (2007)
  • In Between (2008)

Jerry Yan

  • The first time (2004)

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