Fa (brand)

Fa is a brand existing since 1954 for cosmetic products, which are marketed by the Henkel Group. Fa is a generic brand name.


The history of the Fa brand begins in 1954 with a new soap that was different from competitors' products, both by their shape as well as the coloring. She pointed to an unusual yellow-green mottling and joined the terms " Cleaning and care" to each other. The Krefeld company Three Ring KG, then a subsidiary of the Henkel Group, its innovative product called " toilet soap new style" and created for the product " fabulous " soap abbreviated in "Fa". The name also stands for the production technique of " thread soap ". The family of Fa brand has continued to expand, so that they were available in 1972 already in twelve countries on two continents.

2008 was a total imposed by the Bundeskartellamt for price-fixing among others for shower gel products, Fa a fine of € 21.6 million against the Henkel Group.

The product family includes soap, shower gel and deodorant. Fa is one of the market leaders in Europe. Even in the Middle East, Africa and Asia -branded products are marketed Fa. Total Fa is sold in 146 countries. Da Fa every few years gets a new look, the brand is a textbook example of a product relaunch.

Fa in advertising

The Fa products were heavily advertised in TV commercials. Since in these TV commercials in the 1970s unclothed women were first used in Germany, this advertising attracted great attention, but also provoked criticism from conservative, religious and feminist circles. Was advertised in this way, especially a soap product in waveform, which was also used as a brand logo.