FA is an abbreviation for:

  • Chevrolet FA, a car model from the 1930s
  • University student
  • Department
  • Specialist lawyer
  • Consultant
  • Ticketing, see ticket office
  • False alarm, authorities and organizations with security tasks common abbreviation
  • Family history
  • Fat admirer ( from English, Fetish: Obese people find attractive )
  • Federal Alliance, a South African party
  • Fédération Anarchiste, Anarchist Federation of France
  • Field Artillery of the Royal Prussian Army
  • Sergeant contender (Bundeswehr)
  • Distance Learning Academy
  • Telecommunications office
  • Production order
  • Filter system ( drainage)
  • Tax Office
  • Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous ( Anonymous Esssüchtige in recovery ), a self-help group for people who suffer from eg overeating, bulimia, anorexia or other constraints related to food and / or weight
  • The Football Association, the national English Football Association
  • Conveyor, machinery and equipment, which are used for the conveyance of materials to be conveyed
  • Fractional excretion
  • Supervision of conduct
  • Functional analysis, a branch of mathematics
  • Functional dependence
  • Functional requirement
  • Fusaric
  • South Africa after the ICAO code

FA as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • UK: Nottingham
  • Cape Verde: Vehicles of the Armed Forces
  • Moldova: only with numbers: Armed Forces ( Fortele Armate )
  • Norway: Mosjøen in the province of Nordland
  • Portugal: Faro District (only for truck trailer)
  • Sweden: diplomatic plates for Belarus

The abbreviation company stands for:

  • Company

Fa stands for:

  • Fa ( Aude), township in France
  • Fa ( Brand ), the Düsseldorf, Henkel Group, which sells under this name cosmetics such as deodorants, shower gels or soaps
  • Fa ( Arabic letter ) ( ف ), an Arabic letter
  • Other Tonbezeichnung for the F in the music, see Note labels in other languages
  • Abbreviation for the Persian language according to ISO 639-1
  • Fourth note in the scale at the solmization

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