Fabasoft Folio Cloud

Folio Cloud is a software product for cloud computing. It was developed by company Fabasoft in Linz and presented to the public in January 2010 for the first time. The product provides features for document management and collaboration over the Internet. According to the definition of the NIST cloud computing Folio Cloud is a public cloud, which is available as software as a service available and also smartphones ( iOS, BlackBerry and Android ) can be used.


Folio Cloud is a cloud computing service to collaborate over the Internet. The user interface is currently available in 19 languages. The product is web-based. The use is carried out directly via the Internet via web browser.


Folio Cloud in 2011 was awarded the Pentadoc ECM Award and reached the second place in the Best in Cloud Computer Week as a Platform as a Service. 2012 won the Folio Cloud IT Innovation Award 2012 from Initiative Mittelstand, reached the second place in the Euro Cloud Germany Awards and was awarded Best in Cloud Computer Week as the best Platform as a Service. 2013 received Folio Cloud to Cloud EUR Germany Award 2013 in the category "Best Business Impact", the EuroCloud.Austria Award 2013 in the category "Best Case Study Commercial Stector " and the Euro cloud Europe Award 2013 in the category "Best Business Impact by Cloud Services ". In addition, the Fabasoft Detecon ICT Award 2013 and received the Innovation Award in 2013 and third place in the category Private / Hybrid Cloud with the German Best in Cloud Award.