Fabrice Pancrate

Fabrice Pancrate ( born 2 May 1980 in Paris ) is a French football player. He currently stands at FC Nantes under contract. He plays the position of striker and outside is used on both sides. He also plays as an attacking midfielder.


Pancrate began his career in 1999 at the French amateur club CS Louhans - Cuiseaux, where he was active until 2000. In the said year he moved to the then first division side Guingamp, where, however, he completed only six games. After only two years he left the club again and moved to the second division, where he was hired at UC Le Mans. Here he played regularly and increased after just one season with the Red - Yellow on the House of Lords. However, the relegation of his team he could not prevent, where he was but himself saved from a new gear in the second division: his hometown club Paris St Germain had become aware of him. Here he like at Le Mans was a key performer, until he only sparse came into use in the 2006/2007 season. As a result of it he had to borrow the second round to the Spanish strugglers Real Betis. Making its debut in the Primera División, he met right in the game against Athletic Bilbao, three minutes after he came on. With the Spaniards, he managed the league and returned for the new season back to Paris. When PSG he participated in the 2008/ 09 season, the role of the Joker one: During his 20 missions he was 15 times off the bench. After his contract with Paris Saint- Germain was not renewed, he signed on 21 November 2009 Newcastle United. In Newcastle Pancrate completed a total of sixteen league games in the Football League Championship, but could not recommend it for a regular place and was end of the season not committed by June 2010.