Fady Maalouf

Fady Maalouf Mounir (Arabic فادي معلوف, DMG Fadi Ma ʿ LUF; born April 20, 1979 in Zahle, Lebanon ) is a German - Lebanese pop singer. Maalouf was a finalist of the fifth season of the talent show Germany seeks the superstar known RTL radiating from January to May 2008.

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Fady Maalouf was born during the civil war in Lebanon. He was wounded twice by shrapnel in the face and therefore had to undergo a series of operations. He and his family lived alternately in a village near the French Bordeaux and in his home in the north of Beirut.

Maalouf attended a Christian kindergarten and sang in the children's choir until he started at the age of 17 years to perform as a singer. He then studied fashion design, did an internship at the Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab, and then worked as an assistant in the Parisian tailoring.

As of 2006, the political situation in Beirut tightened again, Maalouf came by his half-brother to Germany. At first he lived in Hamburg, where he worked as a barista. Now he is at home in Berlin, where his band lives.

American Idol and first successes

In summer 2007, he applied as a candidate in the casting show Germany sucht den Superstar. In the theme shows viewers voted him to the finals, where he took 17 May 2008 against Thomas Godoj. With a caller rate of 37.8% Maalouf eventually took second place.

The produced for him Blessed song was written by Jörgen Elofsson and Peer Astrom (producer Alex Christensen ) and was named after a contract with Columbia Records released on July 4, 2008 as a single. Maalouf's first album, also titled Blessed and was released on July 25. In November appeared with the single Amazed a cover of the same song the country band Lonestar, as well as a re-release of the album Blessed with some new songs.

In March 2010, appeared Maalouf's second album, Into the Light with the eponymous single.

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