Falkenberg, Märkisch-Oderland

Falkenberg is a municipality in the district of Mark- or country in Brandenburg. It belongs to the Office of Falkenberg - height, which has its headquarters in the town of Falkenberg.

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The municipality is located in the transition area of the hilly, forest and lakes Barnim plateau to the wide face of the Oderbruchs.

Community structure

For the municipality of Falkenberg three districts are shown.

  • Dannenberg / Mark with parts of the municipality Dannenberg / Mark, Krumm pile, Torgelow and space field
  • Falkenberg / Mark with parts of the municipality of Falkenberg / Mark, Cöthen and paper mill


Falkenberg / Mark is first mentioned along with Cöthen 1334. The cross Angersdorf Gersdorf was first mentioned in 1307 as Ghearddestrop and 1375 as Gerhard village. In the Middle Ages Gersdorf belonged to the neighboring farms on the wild field Mark pitcher for possession of the Cistercian monastery Friedland.



Parish council

The municipal council of Falkenberg is composed of 12 community representatives and community representatives, the honorary mayor is a member of the municipal council.

(As at municipal election on 28 September 2008)


Mayor of the municipality since 1994 Lothar Papenfuß (SPD). He was last elected in a runoff election on 12 October 2008.


Carl Burg

View from the Carl Castle, in the background Neuenhagener island

In the list of monuments in Falkenberg (Mark) are registered in the list of monuments of the country Brandenburg monuments.


Sons and daughters

  • Bernd Moldenhauer (1949-1980), a human rights activist, presumably murdered by order of the MfS

Twin Cities

  • Trzciel, ( German Tirschtiegel ) Poland since 2000