Falkenberg is a town in the Swedish province of Halland County and the historical province of Halland. The town lies at the mouth of the river Ounas, is the chief town of the same name.


Falkenberg first written records of the late 13th century. The first known letter privileges of the city dates from the year 1558th Between the 14th century and the three crown War ( 1563-1570 ) existed next to Falkenberg with Ny- Falkenberg still a twin city. Until 1645 the city, like the entire province of Halland was part of Denmark. The city grew initially on the north side of the river Ätran, but began in the 20th century, extended to the southern side of the river.

In Falkenberg since 1905, the newspaper Halland Nyheter appears.


Falkenberg is on a traditional route along the Swedish west coast, about 45 km northwest of Halmstad and 105 km south of Gothenburg. This route is today through the highway Gothenburg - Malmö, E6/E20, as well as the West Coast Railway ( Västkustbanan ) developed. The Falkenberg Railway Station is - after laying of the railway line in 2008 - on the outskirts, 2 km NNE of the city center.


From Falkenberg of the table tennis club Falkenberg's BTK, the football club Falkenberg FF and the volleyball club Falkenberg VBK come.


From Falkenberg Melodic Death Metal bands The Unguided, Sonic Syndicate, the sleaze metal band Vains of Jenna and the EBM band Spark come!


  • Törngrens Krukmakeri, oldest pottery in Europe, workshop and museum


  • Stellan Bengtsson, table tennis world champion
  • Ewan Svensson, jazz guitarist and composer
  • Pär Zetterberg, football player