Falu BS

Falu BS is a Swedish sports club from the city of Falun.

Falu BS was founded on 10 December 1935. It was created at the time of the merger of sports clubs Falu BK, Holmen IF, Falu SK and IFK Falun. All four teams could Bandy Bandy was so, among other sports, also acquired in the offer and became the important of.

Falu BS Bandy

1936 launched the new club in Division 2 Its home games wearing the team at that time in the match Erna Främbyviken or Kvarnbergsplan from what would later be called Kopparvallen.

In the 1939/1940 season the club for the first time the Bandyallsvenskan rose to the highest league. After two more seasons in the league as the club was relegated again. In the aftermath of the club back and forth between first and second league before the early 1970s began the wedding of the association. Falu BS in 1971 and 1974 Swedish champion. 1979 and 1999 reached the sports club, the final match at the Swedish Championship, but lost those games.

Today ( 2006/ 2007) plays the club in the Bandyallsvenskan. The club plays its home games at the ice rink in Lugnets from Falun.


Swedish Champion: 1971, 1974

Ljusdal World Cup: 1998

Falu BS football

The football department is less successful than that of Bandy. Thus, the association could qualify only three times for the second Swedish League ( Division 2 Superettan earlier today). He rose each immediately from ( season 1953/54, 1975 and 1985 ). Currently ( Season: 2006 ) plays Falu BS in Division 1 Norra ( 3.Liga ) and plays its home matches at the Kopparvallen.